Well, here’s another year.


I can’t believe another year has just passed. Every year at this time I need to write something for the new year as well as the old one. Though it is a busy year, I want to keep this habit.

2014 was a good year for me. I have passed three modules of my CA program. It’s also my second year of my CA, so I just need another year to be qualified as a chartered accountant. If there was a surprise, the permanent visa to Australia was not in my plan. Well I know I meet all the requirements, but I did not have much hope when I lodged the application as no one can tell the immigration officer’s decision. The waiting time was extremely painful – I could not buy anything new as I had to be ready for leaving the country within one month in case the application was not approved, which partially explains why I had a crazing Christmas shopping over the Boxing Day weekend later – so I was very happy for I did not need to wait, not for other reasons. Work was okay, gradually a bit faster in all the work I did. Nobody special appeared as usual so it was acceptable.

As I am a bit settled in Australia, it is a hard to make a plan for the beginning of my “new” life. After I found my interests in Finance, I have enrolled in another master degree for the preparation of the CFA program. I will learn 5 modules by the end of 2015 before the level 1 exam in December. In the meantime, I still have my last CA exam to sit in June. I know it is very challenging, but I really want to learn a bit more when I can still study. There are so many things beyond my control, but I can at least manage my time, so I would prefer getting some studies done first. Next, I will fit a short trip to China and US to meet family and friends in the March semester break, and this might be my only travel for 2015. Moreover, my postcards collection is getting more and more serious, so I hope to establish 10 more connections with post office in other countries to get more locally issued postcards, which will be added to my existing 10 subscriptions. These three wishes do not mean the whole year. There are of course some other wishes in the new year, but I don’t need to list everything. As long as I could have done these, I would be very happy by the end of 2015.

Wish is not only hope but also target, so it is never a waste of time in doing so. Go everybody in the new year!


It is a good week.


Early this week, I finished my second marathon. Yesterday I got the result from the institute and I passed my first module of the CA program.

Everything started in June after a relaxed working experience in the country. I started the tax module and I had to spend all my spare time on my study. This is totally different from studies in university – no teacher, no classmates, computer and ebook is the only resource. Meanwhile I had to run at lease half an hour for my marathon training.

It was such a hard time, I had no social life, but busy with work study and training. The worst result could be I did not finish the marathon for insufficient training and I failed the exam as I did not spend enough time on study. I was glad I made both and survived. My colleague said I looked very excited on Friday in office, yes it was a relief. There are only two months left in this year, I am happy I have done something. In the next two month I still have one module to finish. I hope I could say 2013 was a productive year in this Christmas.