Australia Banned Huawei on its National Broadband.


Australia recently banned Chinese company Huawei on its national broadband project, the reason it gave was that this company was originally from an Army company in China, and recently there are some cyber-attacks to the prime minister’s computer from China, so Huawei must be linked with these attacks and it should be banned from this project. I think there are some flaws in this causation, and I want to talk about it.

Firstly the assumption Australia government makes is that since there are some cyber-attacks from China, everything from China is linked with cyber-attack, no matter it is a hacker criminal or a company. Huawei is involved with Australia telecome market for quite a long time, the first mobile broadband modem I got from Three mobile here is made in Huawei, and this gadget is quite popular here. Following the same assumption under Australia government, the first thing it needs to do is to suspend all its current Huawei’s mobile broadband USB in the market or get all Chinese students out of this country, not simply just ban Huawei for a future bid.

The second assumption Australian government makes is that because this company was originally from an army company, no matter how it changed in the past, it must be still linked to the another country’s government and therefore it cannot be trusted. Facing to this, Huawei lists that fact that it is a private company, it is now the second biggest telecommunication company and involved with many country’s national broadband project including UK, Singapore and Malaysia. However this does not change Australia government’s decision. On the other hand, it granted SingTel, a Singapore state-owned company, the permission to merge with its second telecom company – Optus several years ago. For me the dual standards Australian government has looks quite controversial, meanshile it isolates itself not only from China but also the other countries that Huawei serves.

Basically the assumption of Australian government has many flaws, however no one can change this decision especially when it becomes political, and I just feel it is a pity for Huawei.


Retraction from This American Life.


This American Life is the only American radio show I listen to every week. I am not sure if there was a retraction before, but this is the first time I know since I started to listen to it since 2008.

Basically in a story of this show 2 months ago, one guy called Mr. Daisey told the audience about his experience in Apple’s manufacturer Foxconn in China, and defined it as a horrible place. In fact most parts in this story were not true and he was lying, though this episode became extremely popular on the internet. Fortunately the radio station’s correspondent in China followed his track, interviewed all the people in his story again and revealed that the story was not true. So here the retraction comes.

I am happy that the program I like has the courage to admit the mistake and tells the audience the truth, as not all the programs can do this. I will definitely keep listening to it, and I also want to add two more points.

Firstly, I know because of the differences among different countries, people like to criticise this and that in another country. Similarly people are jealous about the success of one brand and tend to say more things negative about it. But even taking it more serious, is it right to tell lies against our enemies? Even the other party you don’t like tells lies, can lies kill lies? Isn’t the truth strong enough?

Secondly, before the program was published, the host said that the editor did ask Mr Daisy to confirm what he said show in the show was true, and that man did confirm it. But can it really prevent telling lies, as a kind of mechanism? There is a whole different thinking way among these story tellers which is worth to discover more. In order to have a good story, he has to make efforts to his work. By the motivation from himself, what he has heard became what he has seen, then what he has done. Like Mr Daisey, those people will never admit they lied, because technically what they said is still on the ground of a very different perspective that no one can understand. I guess this way of explanation can be also used in the news we see on TV or any other gossips we hear every day.

I do not want to link this program’s mistake with any other incidents I saw previously, and neither do I write this note because I like China orApple, it is just from an ordinary person that watch and read news every day. I just wonder how many of them are twisted by the presenter, and how the hell can people can know about the truth.

Sports Fan.


Talking about Cricket, I know it’s boring. The match is normally long and sometime in ages, I have no interests to have even one eye on this. However this sport is extremely popular in British colonies. This TED talk was posted last year, the gentleman explained why Indians like cricket, ridiculous? Definitely not. But if anyone thinks cricket has nothing to do with colony, I would disagree. At least in Hong Kong, I saw people playing cricket, in the play field in Hong Kong Island, crazy Hong Konger.

Anyway, as part of the history, colony passed and sport became a culture thing. I don’t know how to define sports popularity in a country, certainly badminton and table tennis is popular in China for instance, because Chinese is good at them. Occasionally, this popularity will help the development of a certain sport and make it more popular, such as basketball, there is even Chinese basketball player in NBA now. But what about football? Chinese football team is like shit but still so many people like to watch, what’s the reason behind it? Someone needs to study it.

Since I moved to Melbourne, Australian football became the only sport in my life. Newspaper, internet, daily talk, there is no other sports but foot. I was quite against it in the first few months, as I really didn’t see any skill or aesthetic sense in this activity. But I agree people can change, and I am always a good example. For everybody is footy fan, in the common room I may sometimes watch footy game with them. Gradually I found watching people running around a oval ball for hours is kind of funny thing, maybe that’s the reason people like footy? Probably no, but I know care, at least I found the footy is interesting, maybe I need to find a team to support?

BBC stopped its Mandarin Broadcasts.


On 25Mar11, BBC stopped the Mandarin Broadcasts, after nearly 70 years, because of the budget cut from the British government.

It was really a sad news to me. When I was in Primary school, radio was always my best friend, not only the local FM program, but also the shortwave stations. At that time, there were many Mandarin broadcasting stations, such as BBC, VOA, and RFI. Personally I liked KBS, CBS and BBC the most. KBS, from Korea, had only one hour Chinese broadcasting a day, but very attractive, I even wrote to them to seek for pen-pals, not so many wrote to me though. CBS was from Taipei, it had its 24 hours Mandarin service. Its news in 1990s was quite interesting, Beijing was called Beiping, and Chinese Government was called Chinese Communist Party, fairly different from Chinese news, but the way they spoke Chinese were sweet. Then the following is my favourite BBC, different from the stations from small countries, BBC had lots of programs in China News, so did VOA, RFI and Radio Australia. During those days, VOA had huge reports against Chinese government, whenever I listened to it, it’s like I lived in the hell. So from the first day on, I don’t like VOA till it was ended in last month. Whereas BBC was quite different, it has negative and critical news on one hand, but lots of suggestive discussions as well, I should say it’s quite neutral in many ways. I knew some rare news in those days because of BBC, for example the Tiananmen Massacre, Culture revolution review, Gay rights in China, which were nearly taboos in China. Undoubtfully in many ways BBC changed my ideology, into a broad and tolerante way. Also from the Radio, I knew God and Bible from the Gospel stations, and this belief never changed till now. My small radio was accompanied me till high school, after that I went to Beijing for university, where most of the short wave radio stations receptions were not good, but still full of joy whenever I had chance to listen to them back to my parents.

Until graduation and went to work, I started to listen to English programs more and more. I also changed the way from radio to Podcast via mobile phone. I admit compared with Internet and TV, radio listeners are less and less, and it might be a right choice to stop the broadcasting service, however it’s like my childhood’s toy was stolen, though it’s old and no one cares about it but my precious memory was far far away.

Today I listened to BBC last hour’s Mandarin program online, when the host said goodbye, it’s a real and painful goodbye. 70 years is like a human’s age, if a person is passed away, perhaps he can disappear in a same way. Take care BBC Mandarin Broadcast, I will miss you.

Single and Partner.

Education, News

Today is the Singles Day, the lucky charm should be 4 pieces of Youtiao and 1 Baozi or egg, I don’t know where to buy Youtiao in Melbourne, so I didn’t celebrate it correctly. Anyway Happy Singles Day to all the singles.

SINA and MSN signed a deal of accounts consolidation, their users now can use MSN account to log in Sina’s micro blog. In Sina’s website the big ad of UC (Sina’s own IM) suddenly disappeared and changed to MSN’s popup. After the war of 360 and QQ, there must be a market share adjustment, no companies wanted to miss this chance, so both MSN and Sina moved forward, what about QQ’s future?

Japan and Mongolia agreed to cooperate in rare earth metal development right China controlled its export to other countries. This is not new but I want to say this today as it really matches today’s theme. It’s like a couple’s life, there’s always quarrelling, and mistress is everywhere, watch out, temptation.

Last one is from my great university, Hungtingdale station will be upgraded, it’s really good news for Clayton students. So with Zone 1’s ticket we can take bus to Hungtingdale and transfer trains to city soon, labour government finally did something good. BTW, I really like the name of Huntingdale.

I finished all my last exam today, and tomorrow I’ll go to Sydney for my summer holidays. Hello Sydney baby.

Money, Money.


People call experts “brickpert” in China because of the similar pronunciation, today expert said it’s possible to build a pipeline from Bohai to Xinjiang, the purpose was to stop desertification. Sea water and desert? Perth is around desert area, Phoenix is also around desert area, and these two cities are much closer to sea, if the water pipeline can really help to stop desertification, why didn’t these two cities build the pipelines (I googled and didn’t see any related results)? Three Gorges Dam is already a miracle created by experts, and flood was never stopped one year after another as they promised, now those experts want to do something more, is it the way to prove the existence value of the experts? Or there is too much money?

Well money? China is never lack of money, so does CCTV. For the next year, the new ad auction raised bids totalling 1.86 billion USD today, another record. I know ad expense should be just a little part of the profits, if they put huge money for advertising, do you want to buy their products? I won’t, as I know the margin is just too much. But how many people will be easily influenced by the ads?Advertisement is a double-edged sword, if not being careful, it may hurt the firm itself.

Not only CCTV, there are lots of billionaires too. This man called Wang Jianlin, who is from the same city as I, donated 1 billion CNY to a temple repair today. It’s not wrong to be rich, but the donation of the temple repair, isn’t it too much? Maybe as a Buddhist, there’s nothing for him to do any kind of donation, but I just wonder if he can do something to the society? Lots of floods and lots of earthquakes in China, I never saw him for those donations, is temple really more important than human’s lives? I might not be right to comment on this, but even he donated 1 billion on a church I would not appreciate either, it’s just too ridiculous. The rich people in China have too much to learn, it’s a long way to be really responsible businessmen, Buffett and Gates definitely need more philanthropy tours in China.



From today on, there is no more free transport ride in Guangzhou, what a pity. I understand why Guangzhou government offered the free transport, however they undervalued the human’s desire. It’s a society full of needs of money, freebie is such a stimulation of the demand. I believe those who never took the underground all enjoyed this chance, and those who didn’t catch the free train will regret that the good news is always going away fast. The desire is endless, but the transport has its limit, the cancellation is really necessary. There are four days before the Asian Game, what else can we expect, any other surprise?

Mr Hu’s successor Mr Xi is on his way to the leadership, personally I don’t like him at all, though I like his wife. Maybe after Xi is the president, Peng Liyuan won’t be in the gala again, but I will miss her, she is the only singer that I can watch with my parent, all the others are either too old or too young.

Last one is about the Queen, she joined Facebook today, though she’s also the Queen of Australia, apparently Australians have less interest in her, they are discussing a Indigenous referendum today, which reminds me the republic referendum long time ago. I am not sure what will Gillard do in her first term, for me, it is not important to choose monarchy or republic, I am not a fan of democracy, at least I don’t see any difference. People nearly forget who is Dawn Wave Liu recently, Chinese president met French and Portugal presidents, and will meet the British Prime Minister soon, among those democratic countries leaders who will be the first one to care about the 2010 Nobel Prize winner? Nobel committee did the first step, but no one has the courage to do the second step, maybe Obama can? Anyway, I am not a fan of Liu either. If the people in this country are happy, it’s better to keep it on.

Gone with the wind.


There is no long term friends, there is no long term enemy. Today is the net world war of 3Q, tomorrow they may become alliance. Why did I say this? Two years ago, Sarkozy met Dalai Lama, the whole country was against France, even the supermarket Carrefour was on the black list. Today Sarkozy met President Hu, and received a 102 airbus plane gift. The most mysterious thing is not why is this happened, but what is going to be happened tomorrow. And the reason is very simple. Churchill told us long time ago, there is only permanent interests.

Disneyland will be open in Shanghai, who is Sad? Hong Kong, but Shanghai is going to be happy? If you see most of the reviews of HK Disneyland, there is always an alert on mainland tourists. If it’s true, even though this Disneyland is open, it’s going to be the most unwelcome Disneyland. Remember Disneyland is not like Expo, the latter is more like an exhibition, more resources can be put on to the management for a limited time. If Disney needs profit from the theme park in Shanghai, how much preparation is needed before its opening? Do they expect any foreign visitors, or it’s their plan to build a Chinese version?

MGM said goodbye to us today. What films do I like from MGM? Well, Personally 2001: A Space Odyssey and Gone with the Wind. There are too many good memories from MGM, 007 23 is not even released, and I am expecting The Hobbit too, but this company, along with the lion, has just gone with the wind. Come and go, we need to be ready.

Do something else.


You may not been to the Great Wall, but you will never be unfamiliar to China’s Great Firewall, today Google’s CEO had a talk about this wall: Ultimately, the people will win over the government. Wow, it’s already becoming a war, but is it? I remembered many years ago, when e-commerce just started, eBay came into Chinese market with lots of confidence, it merged with Eachnet and soon became No.1 of B2B in China. However the best days were always short, within 2 years, Taobao caught up and left eBay far behind, finally eBay quit Chinese market and transferred all Chinese users to its HK website. Today Google followed the same way, left its China site redirected to HK, but Google had a good reason for this: censorship. I have a question to Google’s CEO, why not admit Google’s failure in China? Baidu is under the same Great Firewall, and its market share is always 5 times as Google’s. Transferring the topic is always a good argument technique, after many year’s operation in China, Google got nothing and giving all of them to the Great Firewall is really the best excuse, well done, Eric Schmidt. BTW, Australia also has the net nanny, say something.

Come back to Australia, 380 and QANTAS is the big news today, I think the pilot is really a hero. If you review the former No.2 airline Ansett, safety is the direct reason for its insolvency, certainly QANTAS needs to be more cautious. 380? I don’t take rich airline’s flight, and I may not try this via QANTAS for a while.

Another piece of news, AUS=USD today. Amazon is now busy with sending expensive books to Australia, Hawaii is getting ready to say hello to Aussies, and, and, and what is the next?

Usually there isn’t so much news here, but it’s such an interesting day. Students, if you are considering to study here, think about the expense. Tourists, if you want to come here for holidays, think about the safety. Maybe we all need to learn from Google’s CEO, do something else.

What is the real power?


iPhone’s great alarm bug now spread to Europe. Last month, when Australia switched to summer time, that day I got up one hour earlier as the alarm didn’t work on the right time. Luckily it’s just early, I googled and changed the alarm one hour ahead so that I could use it. This bug was not first discovered here but in New Zealand as their day light saving was one week earlier than Australia. Now it’s time for England to switch back to GMT from summer time, the same bug made many users get up on hour late, this seems to be a much worse issue, I guess someone would get fined? At this moment, the most calm company must be Apple, it left the bug there for one month without an fixing update, because it knows no one will throw iPhone away for this bug, and this is the market power.

What is the most popular sentence in China? My father is Li Gang. There was once a story about a group of students were gathering to compare their fathers, whose father was richer. Now it’s not a story, this student called Li Qiming, after he killed one female student in a car incident, he shouted to others: My father is Li Gang. Surprising? In his eyes, his father’s name is far worthier than a life. So in the future don’t be afraid any more, whenever you are in danger, just say My father is Li Gang, you will be protected, this is also the power.

Mtime is a film discussion website, personally because of the film addiction, I used to go there everyday before Douban was launched. Recently I am more into Douban than any other Chinese websites, not sure what is going on with Mtime. From today on, Mtime was suspended by its domain host, no one knows the reason. I can understand why Twitter and Youtube were blocked in China, I can also understand why Fanfou and Jiwai were suspended in China, but what is wrong with a film website? Well, sometimes there is no need to know the reason, get it and accept it, that is the real power.