Friday Library.


There are 2 types of people stay in library on Fridays, one is freak, the other is woman PHD, so I am in library today.

The result of accounting midterm exam was released this afternoon, I got a 25 out of 30, that is 12.5 for the total score, plus the assignment’s 10, I have 22.5 points now. I am not good at accounting, but good at counting my points, I just need another 27.5 in the final to pass this subject, no need for a HD, that is for women PHD, I just need a pass. God bless me, or the Pope in the UK bless me.

I had a nap in the library and remembered I got the timetable of the final exams yesterday, total 2 weeks, the easiest is in the beginning, sounds nice. It’s so quick, just one month left for this semester, and I only have 3 semesters, oh is it possible to slow down? slow down? slow down?

There were good news today as well, I sent mails to my bosses in ON Semiconductor and tesa tape to ask them if they could write a recommendation letter for me yesterday, they both replied with agreement, what a surprise. At least I know these two companies are not bad companies, otherwise they won’t stay there for such a long time. So currently my future preference is probably to apply for a MBA, hmmm, actually I prefer NBA. If so, my next challenge is GMAT, all through the years, I am living in exams, exams, exams, anything more interesting?

Certainly not, one of the reasons I live on campus is Monash Sport, it’s a hugh sports centre, I read from foursquare’s comment that there are lots of beauties in the gym every Friday, so I went there for a look this afternoon. Then I found a big problem of myself, I couldn’t judge a white person’s look. The only thing I can tell is tall or short, overweight or bony, that’s it, all the other persons look the same, I found the people in the gym all look like Jennifer Aniston, but suddenly they might change to Kate Winslet, what the hell for? Is there any books relating the appearance criteria something? Seems there is more than the language I need to learn here.


Self-inflicted Setbacks.


Zheteng is too Chinese, I don’t know how to say it in English, hope this make sense.

Work: The best choice for accounting students after graduation is to go to big four. I know one of my friends once worked for Deloitte Beijing, it was in Dong’an Market, I was heard it moved to Oriental Plaza later. I know Deloitte is one of the big fore, so I googled its website. After checking the international student requirement of internship, I found below item: you have achieved a minimum score on your General or Academic IELTS test in the following categories:- 7.5 writing – 7.5 reading – 8.0 speaking – 8.0 listening. I was wondering why not refusing international students directly, what is the meaning of that requirement? 8.0 speaking means a native speaker, who can get that score as a international student? I rang Deloitte my friend last night, he was just laughing and said: Why you are Chinese? Shit, what’s wrong with Chinese? At most I won’t work for Deloitte, and I am sure I can get speaking 8.0, shit, who believe me?

Assignment: I don’t like writing assignments, every time, I wrote something that even I don’t understand and had to started again. Last business law assignment took me nearly a week for just 3000 words, I was so crazy about assignments now. Last week I went to law library for a legal writing workshop, I knew my future law essay citation format called AGLC 3 (Oh, I love you Australia, you are always different from any other countries as always.), and I also learned some techniques of legal essay writing, it was not that difficult, just no one told me before. I was told that once the writing was with coherence and logic, it would get a good mark, is it? Anyway, I will try that in my next Economics assignment. Oh, that bitch lecturer, what a shame to see such Chinese lecturer in Monash, hope I can pass the final exam asap.

Choice: In exams, I am not good at multi-choice questions, in real life, I don’t like choices either. So after 2 years, MBA or PHD? MBA means a dog’s life in a company and PHD means a pig’s life in a university, what should I choose? One year before, I would never thought to go to US for study, now the only question for me is which country I should go, UK or US? Oh God, relieve me, just let me stay in the days as last weekend. For me, the heaven was last weekend, just enjoy the break after exams, wander in the city, that’s it. Low target, I should remember.

Winter and New Year.


If BBC doesn’t report, I won’t know it’s the election day in Australia. It seems I live in this country but I know nothing about the politics, whatever hung parliament or absolute majority, it’s really not my business.

It was cold last week, days after days, it just rained, finally it’s a sunny day today. I went to the gym in the morning, when I was back on the bike, with my hoddies, I could feel the sunshine in the wind, it reminded me the Chinese New Year. In my memory, winter is always the New Year time, firecrackers, dumplings, family, what else?

However it’s still the winter in Australia, winter break is short, central heating is still on, and I have to work hard on my studies. From the beginning of the semester I could feel the pressure, new subjects, awful lecture, I need to use every minute to study, otherwise I won’t catch up. Last week, there was a piece of good news, I was approved to enrol for the research unit in the last semester, that is 1 year later. So I can write two 30000 word essays for my business law degree, which is quite a shortcut if I am going to do a PHD after graduation. PHD, another 5 years, old goat I will be then. My god, shall I do it? I don’t like multi-choice question.

Also from last week I found accounting was quite interesting, and it was always happy to get the balance sheet balanced. So as an accountant it’s easy to feel satisfied, just let debit equal to credit. There is no need to talk to customer like sales, no need to work for solution like marketing, just make it equal, as simple as it, and I like it.

It was heavy last week, I talked to my father for 2 hours on the weekend through Skype. When I am older, I found I really enjoyed the pleasure to talk to my parents, even when they told me a small story from my childhood. The distance is sometimes so beautiful.

Raining raining Melbourne.


Melbourne is a dry city, it seldom rains especially in winter time, now it’s raining.

Everyday afternoon I take the shuttle bus to have classes, then go back at night. It will go alone Dandenong road, which is a main road, very wide. If it’s late, few people are on the road, I would think the side road on the left is the opposite lane, and the bus is driving on the right, then it’s not Australia any more. When I am passing the flyover in Chadstone, it reminds me the 3rd ring road in Beijing. Oh, raining Melbourne, full of imagination.

Yesterday was a good Monday for me, Chris booked the ticket to Australia in October, Robbie told me he was travelling in New York and Arvid sent me a greeting message. Usually I don’t have many friends in my life, once I notice there are some, I will feel happy, pretty simple life, isn’t it?

Some of my classmates can earn some money through part time job for daily life already, I am not sure I need to find a job as the classes are already very heavy for me, do I need to follow them? At least I have registered a RSA course already, probably I will get more then a certificate after 2 years, some other skills as well.

Which Country has the Slowest Post Delivery?


This month is my unlucky month of postcrossing, most of my cards were sent to Russia and China, which means they can only arrive after maybe 30 days. I have to wait till next month to get my new send-to addresses.

As a new postcard crosser, I have only sent cards to less then 50 countries. From my stats, I found different countries have extreme different delivery speed, some countries are very fast, some are not. My record shows my slowest list of travel time:

Brazil 36 days
Belarus 36 days
Russia 35 days
Estonia 33 days
China 28 days
Costa Rica 24 days

These countries are active but very slow, this reminds me a funny story. In China there is a post service called post via Surface, once I sent a card to the States using this service, 2 months later I was told the card didn’t arrive. Then I sent a air mail replacement, after 10 days, it arrived. Another 1 month later, the sent-by-surface mail finally arrived.

Different from normal mails, there is no sender’s name and address on the postcard. If it can’t be sent to the right person, it won’t be returned, in this case, it’s a lost card. There are so many lost cards in China but never since I was in Melbourne, but what will happen this month?

Anyway, hope this month pass soon.

Call Centre.


Australia is a rich country, most of the low salary industries are outsourced, for instance the call centre.

My housemate once told me there were so many call centres in the city, during the lunch break, many Indians will come out for chatting and smoking, very astonishing. I haven’t seen any real call centres, though I can’t get rid of the call centres.

Chinese call Indians A SAN, hard to find the origin but everyone calls that. My first time to talk to A SAN was because of 3 Mobile. I signed a 24 months cap with 3 on the first day I came to Australia, I called the hotline when I was back home as I need to unlock the phone, strangely I found it was an Indian operator rather than an Australian. I remembered clearly my English was very poor (even worse than now) in those days and that Indian accent made me very nervous, so within nearly 10 minute, the other side couldn’t understand what I asked for, finally I hanged out.

Telecom companies rely on call centres a lot, for the call centre outsourcing companies, telecom companies are their customers. Interestingly, the sales operators in those telecom companies are all Australian, they just outsource the customer service representative, which means before you sign the contract, you can talk to a nice Australian for any enquiries, after you sign the contract, please speak to Indians.

Another call centre I usually use is my bank HSBC, this bank has rules to divide its customers, premier accounts are all served by Australian operators. Just once I forgot the premier call number, just called a number from its website, then an Indian girl picked up my call, as soon as I told her my account number, she said, “I understand you are our premier customer, I will put you through our premier service line, hold on please.” So for the bank, if you have more money here, then you can talk to Australians, if you don’t have enough money here, then talk to Indians.

Those call centre companies can be sometimes in India, last month I called 3 for changing my cap, a nice A SAN man asked me to wait for “just a minute”, after 5 minutes, he said sorry and told me the system was very slow. It wasn’t something urgent so I asked if he watched World Cup, he was quite excited and said yes and we chatted a lot before he finally changed the plan for me.

Working in call centres is a hard job, narrow place with a phone, then hundreds of calls to different people in one day, for everyone it can be very boring. So next time if you heard a lazy sound, don’t blame him, tell him a joke, cheer him up.

First Time to Make Yoghurt.


I took my yoghurt machine here last month, it’s the first time to try to make yoghurt in Melbourne. There is yoghurt machine to sell in Coles, with its own powder, and can’t make it via milk.

Findings: rom the yoghurt I made I can see lots of water floating above, light milk is actually milk + water, not skimmed. Next time I will buy the real skimmed milk.

Not very successful for the first time, and need to be improved.

In this semester, three of my courses are in the evening, most of the daytime I am free. This is controversial, I would like to have a daytime part-time job however the units are all difficult, and I really need a high GPA for my further study. It is not easy to find a job here, I stared at Gumtree for the whole week and sent out so many cv, the only response is a direct consuming company, which I refused. Nearly impossible to find some job related to my study. Work and Study, that’s life.

After a long time irregular life, I make a plan to myself, got to bed before 12:00, go to gym as more as I can, go to Bible study, play tennis, play guitar. Not so harsh, but I need to follow.

New semester, new classmates, new new new, am I going to be new?

Next is to Eat.


Every time I drive my car, it’s an adventure. Starting in the slope, raining driving, and picking up my classmate, I am touching my C5 again and again, the car is touching me as well.

Last Friday, I went to Crown with my classmate. Nearly forgot when was the last time I was in the city, everything was so strange that I will never see in the outskirts. Lots of people, lots of night shops, I was too excited to go to anywhere like a country woman. City life was always charming, now it’s more precious.

Not everything like one person, so individuals don’t need to cater to every one, I should add one condition, no matter under any religion. Next monday will be my first time to be in BSF, what will happen? or am I so relied on Christian?

Most of the job applications had no reply, I doubt myself too. As a marketing guy, the essential is to talk to my customer fluently, so who would like to talk to someone with a Chinese accent and always ask sorry? If so, do I need to apply for a waiter job like a real student? Nothing is easy, I know and I must work it out.

These days I am occasionally dreaming my life in Beijing, in Dalian, with my friends. I will have one week to experience, after three weeks. The first thing to do is certainly to eat, I am planning to eat the breakfast pie, go to the Northeastern restaurant, dumplings restaurant, then the Ghost Street. Oh time, please hurry up.

I don’t like to be a consumer.


There is a big piece of grass in front of the service centre, unlike “looking only” green in China, anyone can go into the grass, sit or stand, up to you. I go by it everyday in the afternoon to the sports, sometimes can see a couple or just one lying on it, with eye closed, whispering or reading books, which is so romantic.

What a nice picture, this is Monash Clayton, I have only 15 weeks study left here, then I will stay in Caulfield for the next 2 years, I know it’s not good to count down the days though I am sure I will miss this place in the future, like how I miss China now.

Yesterday afternoon to the church, a Taiwanese talked Chinese food to me the whole way, I found myself so Chinese suddenly, just 1 month, I missed all kinds of food, Suancai, Dumpling and even Hotpot. I must learn to cook Chinese food now, or next time to China, well maybe next year, otherwise maybe I can live with a Chinese cook, this sounds a easy way, hmmm…

I booked the ticket back to Beijing at the end of June, Dragonair didn’t give me the extra student luggage, which means I can only carry 20kg luggage, I am arguing with it the whole day, and compained it to the consumer organisation of Hong Kong, in Chinese. Plus 3 about the reception at home, I am looking for my proof now for the damaged base station and need to fight with the Indian CSR soon, in English. I am such a bad consumer, Perhaps I need to learn how to earn some money before spending, seriously, but how?

Mandarin Duck or Fairy Lady?


I talked about another classmate yesterday with WW, WW told me she finally got married and now they envied the mandarin duck rather than the fairy lady 只羨鴛鴦不羨仙. This reminded me the poem in A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂.

Mandarin duck, in the last thousands of years in Chinese myths and history, was given to a representative of the long lasting love and a good reputation and played an important role in gifts to the bride and groom. People love to have Mandarin duck bath, believe that once mandarin ducks are get married, they will be together in their whole life, even either is died, the left would keep lonely in the spare life. In such a instant and practical world, this spirit is so precious that every one desires this life.

However, this imagination is not true, some scientific magazines regard them as the love liars.

Even though, people praise mandarin ducks constantly, maybe, knowing the instability of love is so clear, they put some lovely definition to the mandarin ducks and look forward to seeing it. Old saying goes like, whatever people did, a good excuse would be found. So the ancient were not stupid, their offspring are willing to accept this definition as well.

For me, I envy the fairy lady, not the mandarin duck, and try to be practical.