Uber Driver


Uber finally hit Illawarra.

I registered as a Uber driver on the day Uber was launched and they approved me this morning. I had three trips today. The fist one was from innovation campus to Wollongong station. It was an Indian student and it was not a pleasant one. He sat at the back seat and talked to someone on the phone all his trip. The second one was good and I went to a town I have never been before. The last one was at night after study and it was from North Wollongong station to innovation campus.

I’ve earned 23 dollars so far. I don’t really expect to earn a lot of money from Uber, but I think it is a good way to meet new people and to pass some positive attitude. Sharing economy is something no one can miss. I participated Couchsurfing for long, now it’s time to give Uber a go.







As you know I started my swimming lessons – it went well. Last week my instructor give me a pair of flippers and told me to wear them in order to concentrate on my stoke practice. She even told me I could get them any time I want. I put them on and could swim like a torpedo but I thought these things were a bit like drugs and quite addictive, you know like having viagra for sex, so I decide not to use it when I practise until I take lessons again with her next week, just like following doctor’s instructions.

Another change for me is I started practising meditation, to be specific via headspace. I heard many people including Tim Ferriss had mentioned this type of thing in many occasions. Last month in the city a friends even told me he went to a class every weekend to do this type of meditation. I think it’s time for me to have a go. I downloaded this app a couple of weeks ago and tried it for 10 days, just 10 minutes after getting up – not bad. I did not feel any immediate impacts on me but I particularly liked the feeling when I was told not to control my mind and let it go. It was weird but very joyful and I also hope I will get more benefits in long term. I subscribed the service for a year last week and since then started practising it every day.

Wow, two new things in a month – swimming and medication. I hope I am not overwhelmed by the changes. I have adjusted my nap time a bit to accommodate my changes, which means I will have to sleep less but I will be fine. Oh boy, life is full of adventures.

Everyone needs a library.


A very important thing I need to get is a library card, yes a book can really help to kill time. Swan Hill Library is very different from those ones in the university, it’s small and community oriented. Most books on the shelf are fictions and illustrations, there is even has a story telling for kids on the corner. I guess I will just check out books from here, not stay here for a day.

I talked to a neighbour today, and interestingly he is a butcher. See his car’s pic above, and it has a very cool plate MEAT-01. The people I know in Melbourne are mostly lecturers, doctors, bankers, or whatever, but here people have a lot more to do: plumbers, electricians, who will be the next person I know?

Today I met two colleagues in Woolworths, and another one in ALDI. I think I will start to know everyone in town soon. It’s such a cozy place, I love it.

Letting My House.


I have been to the counters in the airport in different countries, and I can tell people working there are quite different. In Asian countries, they are quite efficient – get the seat, tag the bags, and that’s it. In Australia, they will say “how are you”, ask about the weather, the food and the trip no matter how long the queue is – people who are fond of it say they are professional, but I would say they are just slow.

In the country, people are slower in my opinion, though unfortunately there is no airport to prove it. I submitted my house application two weeks ago, and after being refused by one landlord, I finally got one lease offer today. Meanwhile after complaining the agent’s slowness for so many days, I finally became relieved. With hindsight I can understand why they are so “slow”, or I should say they are actually so laid back. Those things that belong to me will finally be mine, and other people’s stuff will never come to me, so just relax and see what is coming. It occurred so many times following the same way, like my degree, my job or my house. This is a completely different attitude, not the one I grew up with, but the one I should learn, as I guess this is the way how it works here. So the conclusion is being slow is actually not bad, but another lifestyle, and I should get used to it.

I will go to the real east agent to take the offer tomorrow, and hopefully I will like my two bedroom house.

Location:Campbell Street,Swan Hill,Australia

Hello Swan Hill!


I slept very well in a hotel after watching a tennis game of Australia Open, as ever I really liked Federer’s confidence. It is really the best time to follow Australia Open on TV now and I wish Li Na good luck tonight, not because I like her but I hate his opponent.

It’s a very hot day in Swan Hill, weather forecast said it would be 40 degree today, but I think it’s hotter than that. I walked to the property to inspect the house, and I kind of liked it – big kitchen and big back yard, probably I will grow some vegetables or even raise a dog there, it’s really good to rent a house.

On the train, I am counting down my days in Melbourne, maybe three or two days? I arrived in this city in 2010, that was a big decision in 2009 – quit my job and prepared exams. Now it’s another step to move forward – leave Melbourne for Swan Hill for my work. Change does not always mean good but life without changes really suck – this is what I believe. So hello Swan Hill!

Like three years ago, the first thing I need to do is to find where the Asian grocery shop is.


Time to Say Goodbye.


Two and half years ago when I arrived at Melbourne airport, I just took my two suitcases. Now when I am packing in my house, those two suitcases are still there, but there are 12 additional boxes, and I need more boxes for my endless stuff.

What did I get here? A certificate from the university? Yes that is the reason I came here, but what else besides those 12 boxes? I really don’t know. When I tried to have dinners with my friends here to say goodbye, I found there were several of them, and they made me kind of busy, so at least I had those friends.
The Chinese say education is an investment, you give money to the university, then you get them back from the future employer, much more. The Australian say education is an industry, you spend money to expand universities, and get money from those overseas students, much more. But it is NOT that simple ,at least in my case, I got more then I expected, like the friends and lots of experiences, yes much more.
It’s not easy sometimes to choose which way to go. Seeing me moving from Beijing to Melbourne, my family and friends had lots of question. Now moving out of Melbourne is another difficult decision, but I believe it will be a right step for me, and time can prove this hopefully. 
I am counting down to Christmas, and Santa is counting down to my departure date. We are moving on.

Keep on Running.


There is only one month left before Melbourne Marathon, I can still run a half marathon, and not sure I can survive 42 kilometres in October.

As for running, I started to run when I was 5, following my dad. We lived in the army’s compound in those days, every day at 6:00am, the military horn  reminded all the soldiers to get up, I also got up, then started to run with dad. Dad told me I should run like a soldier, but I often fell behind after a few metres, and saw dad’s running at the front, without stop. We kept moving when I was young, from city to city, running place also changed. Till we moved to the residential area, there was no horn, I could finally begin to have a good sleep every day, my running also stopped.

When I was in primary school, I was good at running in short distance, like 100 metres, I was always my class’ representative for the sports meeting. Gradually I preferred to play football, like everyone else. Actually to play with others was much more interesting than simply running, till today I still think so. It’s so good to be young, I didn’t even know what is tired in primary school, every day, 4 to 5 hours in the playground, just playing the ball, then went for a nice cold drink. I could sometimes feel the sweat was dropping, one drop after another.

I didn’t run in my high school, piano was the only thing in my world. I still played football in the university, just not everyone liked football, most of my classmates liked basketball, which I didn’t know how to play, so in PE class, I could either watch them playing basketball, or staying in the corner, till I picked running up. Every night, before the playground was closed, I went there and ran in circles, one after another, sometimes I could see the stars, but mostly I couldn’t, that’s in Beijing, in 2001.

In the following years, I have seen Blind Chance, Sliding Doors, Run, Lola, Run, seemed there are some coincidences in running. But for me, it’s more like a habit, no opportunity, no coincidence, I just kept running, then eating, then sleep.

I bought a pair of Nike running shoes 4 years ago, it was my only running equipment. Someone said NB was better, but I still loved my Nike, maybe I should buy a new pair for my marathon, a lighter one. When I was running, the worst time was always the first hour, after that, with the music from the earphone, ie Ravel’s Bolero, I could easily come into my own world, then kept running till finished.

Okay, nothing special, just running.

What Podcast do I Listen to?


I like podcasts because I like radio, but podcast doesn’t only have radio programs. In my iphone, I have about 10 podcasts, here are they:

1, From Our Own Correspondent: My favourite news program, BBC’s correspondents have their time to talk their own stories far personal than the news.
2, Desert Island Discs: My favourite music show, due to the copyright, all the music only lasts 30 seconds, but well organised conversation is just a supplement. Christy Young sounds like an Irish, and many guests are American.
3, Naked Scientists: My only Science podcast, and it’s not boring at all.
4, The Archers: Soap opera, I subscribed the omnibus version.
5, Unreported World: Channel 4’s documentary program, there is an “Documentaries” from BBC, not bad either.
6, 10 O’clock Live: My only Comedy show, the debate after the news is always nice. American version from NPR is called Wait wait don’t tell me and BBC’s is Friday Comedy, but I think Channel 4’s is the best.
7, Peter Day’s World of Business: His voice is amazingly attractive, the business topics are also interesting.
8, This American Life: I should admit this is the best-made podcast forever, I can’t wait to hear the new stories every Monday.
9, Stuff You Should Know: Knowledge podcast with a many interesting topics.
10, ChristChurch London: My Spiritual fertiliser every week.
Definitely BBC Radio 4 is my favourite radio station, still I’m trying to choose from as many resources as possible. For the reason of above 10, partly because I am quite Pro-British, even though US has more choices, I just don’t like the accent. Besides, I only subscribe the weekly update podcast, more often or less regular is not acceptable.

Still in Australia.


It’s the third week of this semester, nearly a quarter has passed, how time flies!

After the first week, my only hesitation was if I was still in Australia, as all my lectures were all non-Australians, let alone my American essay supervisor. This week, much better I feel, sort of enjoyed Indian, German and Chinese accents, at least it’s a multicultural country, even can be felt in the campus.

My car has been sent to the service centre last week, till the weekend, it’s still not fixed. I was told too many reasons could cause this “anti-pollution fault”, and I still need to wait for the final test. I just hope this could be done soon, as I really don’t want to take the shuttle bus again. The bus between Clayton and Caulfield is everyday so crowded, I’ve been late for twice because of limits. After the 1 dollar ticket was exempted, it seemed all the students came to take the bus, Jesus.

Last night when I heard the earthquake in Japan happened, I called mum and dad immediately, neither of them knew it, so I had to let them stay at home and watch TV. Back to the library, I tried to search some Chinese media’s report about the earthquake, so I opened Phoenix TV’s ifeng.com. Unfortunately, the first news I saw was “Japan had earthquake, Japanese AV star twittered to say she’s safe.” I was so disappointed for the Chinese media’s news, without other options, I opened NHK’s site. I admitted it’s not a good idea to pick my Japanese for earthquake after so many years, but at least I could get some useful information, at least I knew there was no potential tsunami risk to my hometown.

Within one month, earthquake followed one by another, there is no safe place in the world, the only thing we can do is to take care ourselves and spend everyday happily. I will all my friends and myself peaceful.

No Worries.


It’s a long time since I went back to Oz, pretty busy everyday. I applied for one unit overload but it was refused by the administer, then I have to do that in the next semester. Good on your big hip, Miss.

Without overload, I have plenty of time in this semester for my LSAT preparation, can “impossible” change to “I’m possible”? I am waiting for the answer too.

The big news around the world recently was Mubarak’s resign, then Nobel Peace should be nominated to all Egyptians, as this is what the committee need all the time.

Well today is my first shopping day, I bought so many stuff from Coles. Thanks to the bookshop no one goes, there is an Asian grocery shop finally in Brandon Park recently opened, so no need to go to Clayton any more, yeah.

Today is also the date for the new residents moving in Roberts Hall, I had a very interesting story. In the Hall, two guys carried their fridge to the room, I gave them the day. When they passed by, I was expecting them to say thank you, but one of them said “no worries”. I was not sure if he was talking to me or his mate, but I replied no worries naturally. By the time I spoke out, all of us said No Worries, and I was like an idiot standing there without any words. Were they supposed to say thank you? If yes, what does No Worries mean then?

Hmmm, it is not the time to think too much here. Turn my fan on, and I need to prepare my dinner now.