All I care is Oscar.


Earthquake, Protests, unhappiness surrounded this word in the last week. Finally, we can be relieved, even for a short while, to enjoy the Global oscar tomorrow night.

It’s quite a fruitful year for American film industry, some films received both good names and markets, particularly I enjoyed Inception and Social Network. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of Oscar, even I don’t care about best Cinematography, writing or whatever, I only know best picture. And my only concern is the most welcome film through out the year can’t win the best picture recently, it seems the taste of audience is far away from Academy now.

Among the 10 films nominated for the best picture (Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, The King’s Speech, 127 Hours, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Winter’s Bone), True Grit, The Fighter, Black Swan as well as The King’s Speech and The Social Network certainly have more chance to win. I read the story of 172 hours when I was in primary school, in a magazine called “Reader”. I really liked this touching story, though I haven’t seen the film, I know it’s really hard to film this monologue. However, not only film fans but anyone in the world knows there are only two films, Social Network and King’s Speech, in competition of Best Picture. Personally I prefer Social Network, as it’s more easygoing and down to earth; while King’s Speech, by whatever means, is trying to show its historical pride.

No matter who wins finally, we should give thanks to The King’s Speech tough, which came out late this year, for adding suspense to the atmosphere. I remembered two years ago, Slumdog Millionaire made beautiful British English repeating again and again in Kodak Theatre, is it the same in this year? Not sure so let’s wait and see.


No Europe, but Guitar.


Last Friday I went to STA shop for around the world ticket, the salesman told me the route I was interested in was only for Australian citizens, as they can only arrange tour visa to Russia to Australian passport holders, not Chinese passport holders. Human beings are not equal from the birth, what we are doing is just try to make it equal, this is the truth.

I was so frustrated by the ticket, the refusal meant I can’t travel around the world in this Christmas holidays, probably I will have to stay in Australia to take the mini semester to shorten the 2 years’ course. If so, I need to find a place from the end of Nov. Life is full of change till I am ready for every change.

It’s 2 weeks since I moved to Howitt Hall, everything is fine, just so noisy, every night. Australian students are so crazy, that’s the life I need to experience, maybe after one year, I will love this life.

Amanda just called to tell me Ken promised me to teach me guitar in the future, it’s really a surprise. Suddenly I found my life in Melbourne is so diversified, tennis, guitar, gym, church, all of them will keep me really busy in the next 2 years. Different place has its own interests, the feeling is up to people’s attitude. I am now much better compared to 3 months ago, the reason is simple, I am more optimistic now.

The ASSET has only 6 weeks left. One report, one presentation, and one listening test, that’s all. What is waiting for me in Caulfield? I don’t know, but I hope it’s good.

What Car Did You Buy?


When I gather with my friends to chat, sometimes will be asked: what car did you buy? It is so obvious that I have never heard the question like “have you bought your car?” In their minds, I should have my own car; the only curiosity is what car.

I need to be cautious to answer it. If I say Corona, they will laugh and respond: mine is the same, but it is too small, I have plan to change to a Tenna, in this year; If my answer is BMW 3 series, they become hesitate: I have tried my friend’s Benz,,, or my boss just bought a new Audi,,,; If, by teeny, tiny, mini, weeny chance, my answer is Land Rover, they should stand up and disappear forever.

No one doubt that Chinese brands cars is absolute rubbish compared to German, American, Japanese or even Indian cars, still we will see those kinds of cars as silly Pekinese running in the streets, everywhere. Sometimes, I hate Li Shufu 李書福, who swore to make the cheapest car in China, consequently, QQ is extremely popular and booming.

Every morning I stare at thousands of cars downstairs in this rented flat building and wonders if people buy cars first, finally, I know the reason is simply, vanity.

I know one saying that five ZIs 五子, including House 房子, Car 車子, Wife 妻子, Kid 孩子 and Money 票子, are necessary to be a real success nowadays, Among them only car can be gained in short time, those QQ just meet the needs to satisfy people’s vanity. Oh thanks to it, China’s economy is growing so fast.

Normally to have a car is just for convenience, but I don’t know what in terms of, no mentioning the traffic congestion, even finding a parking spot is not as easy as to give birth to a child.

So I always tell my friends, I can’t afford a car. Plus, if they are teasing, pretending to be a investor, I would say, whatever you buy such as stock or house, the value will keep stable or increase except for the car, so I won’t buy it.

In most circumstances, the conversation is over, they will turn to others: what car did you buy?