The Institute of Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand sent me an email last week and told me they had approved my membership application, so I am a CA now.

Three years ago when I started the programme, I was full of passion as it was a big thing. However when this designation was finished, everything looked quiet. The partner who signed off my reference did not say much and I was busy preparing my level two exam of the CFA. I guess I should just let it go.

Yesterday I have a coffee catch up with a partner. I’ve got all the qualification I need, also a good firm as a platform, so I guess it was a good timing to know what the next step is. My question was how to build a career. One of her points of the career building is it should not be restricted from 9 to 5 time wise, but assessed on deliveries to the clients. I can definitely see different meanings of it. No matter I like it or not I will follow her words and try to be promoted in KPMG.

So this is the last article about the CA thing. Good luck to myself Isaac Wang CA.


It’s good to pass.


Last Friday, I passed the capstone module of the CA Programme, so I will apply for the membership soon. Yay.

This Wednesday, the CFA institute published the level 1 exam result. Surprisingly, I passed the exam too. Two exams were passed this week, no time is better than this.

The last few months were not easy. Both exams were in June and I had to start preparing in April. Every weekday till 2 am and every weekend – it was horrible. The capstone of the CA was relatively easy, but level 1 of the CFA exam was so hard. I studied those materials last year, but when I tried to put them all together for the preparation, I almost forgot everything. On the level 1 exam day, the morning session was okay but the afternoon session was much harder and felt like shit after the exam – I was almost sure I would fail the exam. When I clicked the email sent by the institute, I noticed it began with congratulations, it was such a relief.

The next is the level 2 of the CFA exam, I’ve started learning the materials. Everyone says level 2 is much more challenging, so I will have to just work harder. Yes.

Exam Time.


Gym is empty, kitchen is empty, library is full, now it’s exam time.

When I say empty, it doesn’t mean there are just a few people, it is really empty. This afternoon I saw only one boy playing basketball inside of the stadium, how happy he is.

If I can study every day like the revision time, I may become a PHD, like a study idiot; or I may become crazy, then I am really an idiot. So it’s good to have revision time, it’s good to have exam pressure, but no, three weeks is enough.

Last weekend, I finished my first half marathon, 22 km within 1 hour and 50 minutes, actually I just set the 12km/h speed and kept running. It was so nice, and there was no pain at all that night, maybe it’s because of Li Na’s champion in French Open. That was such a day, I told my friend Li Na won and China had one day National holiday because of it, my friend was so surprised: ah, really? Oh come on, of course not. It was a National holiday, but not because of tennis, but many years ago someone’s suicide.

Melbourne’s winter is cold, yesterday it’s said “feels like 0.2 degree”, oh dear, I need some sunshine. I am wondering if the miserable is good excuse to stay in bed, but the examiner doesn’t think so, I know. Okay, then keep going, for exams.

What does Business School Teach Us?


It’s not easy to come back to the real life, everyday I drive to the campus, catch up the course and do the endless work. It’s only 3 weeks left in this semester, I can feel I nearly didn’t learn much. To avoid the exam time is certainly not the right attitude, so I have to go to lab when I am free, as usual.

In business school, one important part is group assignment, on one hand, lecturers will not spend too much time to review the work from everyone; on the other hand, it cultivates the so called group work ability. However, it is not always easy to find the right group members, because everything has their worn aims. In one assignment one Indian mate sent us his responsible part on the last day, we had no time to discuss it but to submit directly and that was finally marked 60% wrong. In the other management assignment another Indian guy didn’t do anything and asked us to include his name in the submission, we refused and reported to the lecturer, probably he would fail because of this.
There are various of people in this world, I don’t want to comment certain race or people, but I need to learn, learn something invisible in this relationship, something like: because you can’t eliminate them, then you have to learn how to live with them. To illustrate, Australia is the racist country in the world, though people can’t hear anything racial in the life, even the word like “African” or “Asian”, this formal respect doesn’t change the dislike, and people can still feel the discrimination everywhere. This is quite paradoxical as a person to behave, but as a technique to live in the society, it is quite necessary. The relationship among university colleagues is just a reflection of the society, sometimes even more complicated than the workplace, it’s an art rather than anything else, and I have to learn.
There is a huge gap between the theory and the real life, and Business School only teach people how to face to the real life. This is the reason when I read the book about logical reasoning or Philosophy, I become much more peaceful. When I prepared my LSAT, I noticed a very good podcast “LSAT Logic in everyday life”, unfortunately Princeton Review didn’t update it anymore. I hope, just hope, in the future I can use what I have learned to analyse current news as well in my blog, this will clearly reflect the different thinking of law student and business student.

Single and Partner.

Education, News

Today is the Singles Day, the lucky charm should be 4 pieces of Youtiao and 1 Baozi or egg, I don’t know where to buy Youtiao in Melbourne, so I didn’t celebrate it correctly. Anyway Happy Singles Day to all the singles.

SINA and MSN signed a deal of accounts consolidation, their users now can use MSN account to log in Sina’s micro blog. In Sina’s website the big ad of UC (Sina’s own IM) suddenly disappeared and changed to MSN’s popup. After the war of 360 and QQ, there must be a market share adjustment, no companies wanted to miss this chance, so both MSN and Sina moved forward, what about QQ’s future?

Japan and Mongolia agreed to cooperate in rare earth metal development right China controlled its export to other countries. This is not new but I want to say this today as it really matches today’s theme. It’s like a couple’s life, there’s always quarrelling, and mistress is everywhere, watch out, temptation.

Last one is from my great university, Hungtingdale station will be upgraded, it’s really good news for Clayton students. So with Zone 1’s ticket we can take bus to Hungtingdale and transfer trains to city soon, labour government finally did something good. BTW, I really like the name of Huntingdale.

I finished all my last exam today, and tomorrow I’ll go to Sydney for my summer holidays. Hello Sydney baby.

I Hate Monash.


Yesterday, right before the accounting exam, I got a email from the department to say BTX5140 would be cancelled in the summer course, the reason was there was not enough students enrolled in this course. WHAT A SHIT, it taught us what is contract law while it broke the contract right after the acceptance. I will have to come back to uni doing nothing in Feb as the air tickets and residential hall were booked. Also I will have to adjust the whole study plan in the next two years, the worst thing is I may have to take 5 subject in semester 1 2001 and I won’t have chance to attend BSF as it’s only offered on Monday night. It’s not the first time it revoked the offer, it postponed my university offer one year ago as well. I hate Monash, it only cares money+cash, I hope it will go bankrupt right after my graduation, fingers crossed.

After writing these, I am in good mood now 🙂

The two exams I took were not so bad, though I know nothing about the following Economics and Company Law. However after that this semester is finally over, it’s time to have some plans for the next year. First plan is to keep running, so many people around me is into marathon, I may have a try in my life, but before that I need to just practice. Second, I may write some news summary to utilise my blog. It’s also a practice for my research study, I found my listening was improving buy speaking and writing are both getting worse, time to pick up.

I will go to Chadston today, buy some shorts maybe, it’s soooo hot already.

Then, another year.


I didn’t enjoy Spring enough, here summer is coming. Last week, I remembered I rode a bike at night back home, dark and cold, now I have to wear shorts. After the daylight saving, I am suddenly into a new world.

Like the time change, my study is on going. That night, Chris finished his last lecture about lots of ratios in financial reports, with some interesting background sound, “the end” showed up. Twelve weeks ago when I firstly came to this accounting class, I don’t even know what accounting is, now I will going to take accounting exam with the debit and credit, what a 3 months. Not only the end of accounting, other classes like company law, economics and all over. Especially the Economics lecturer, from the beginning to the end I don’t like her at all, but in her last class when she said goodbye, I saw her nice smile, I was kind of sad. Lots of people, in the last 3 months or more days, we met and it’s time to say goodbye. I imagined if there is only one person in the class, I might not that sensational, but I know me, I know.

Till last night, I’ve decided all the 8 subjects that I will take next year. Next semester’s lectures are all on Wednesday and Thursday, so that I will be free for my BSF study in Mitcham, I missed it in these days, no better ways for me to study bible than BSF I believe. Here is my time table of 2011, if I can pass all these subjects, plus the final dissertation, my study will be finished in 2012 winter, I am look forward to that day, though maybe still early to think about it.

Semester 1 2011
AFX9530: Financial accounting
AFX9550: Management accounting
AFX9560: Advanced financial accounting
BTX5801: Final research project
Semester 2 2011
AFX9540: Business finance
AFX9570: Auditing and assurance
AFX9580: Accounting information and systems modelling
BTX5900: Major research project

Now it’s drizzling outside, I like listening to music on a raining day, all the time. Now I need to go to the library to revise company law, I nearly forgot everything. How can I like you more? My final exams?

Why Coles Brand Stuff is Cheaper than the Others?


Coles is my must go supermarket, as I have a Fly Buy for collecting points, I go to Coles nearly twice a week, more often than before.

There are many Coles brand products sold in Coles, like the Carrefore stuff in Carrefore, they are usually cheaper then the other brands. Coles stuff includes sources, juice, Milk, egg, another brand called Coles smart buyer is even cheaper. For price reason, I usually buy those two brands for my daily necessities. For example, orange juice, the Coles brand is $3.25, Coles smart buy is $2.75, all the other brands are over $3.5. But there is always a question, why Coles stuff is so cheap?

Before I think it’s the marketing reason, cheap outsourcing manufacturing, no advertising cost, fixed customers, there are pretty simple reasons, but it is all?

Today as usual, I go to Coles again, and I only buy 2 bottles of orange juices and 2 bottles of milk. I won’t buy more as they are very heavy. When I got the receipt, surprisingly I found I didn’t pay the GST.

I thought maybe Coles accounting system is wrong, however when I found out my old receipts, I found that I never paid GST for all Coles band stuff, why? I googled it but didn’t find the answer, but I simply understand it like this:

GST only happens during resales, usually when Coles sells all the other brands. Once Coles sells Coles brand stuff, as the manufacture, it doesn’t need to pay tax so it won’t charge its customers.

It maybe right and maybe wrong, I need to ask my lecturer of Taxation Law next year, anyway, if so, without 10% GST, Coles stuff is actually not that cheap, though I have to buy them.



Earthquake happend again in China, in this country no one talks about it, people discuss iPad, watch the beautiful vocalno ash of Iceland, the earthquake is like a small piece of cake in this world, very small and no one cares.

It’s the weekend again, my classmates are discussing the requirements change of PR in Auatralia, and yesterday’s listening test, maybe 2 of us failed, the earthquake seems happening on the moon, not realted to anyone.

The bight sunshine reminds me I am in Melbourne, the best city in this country, maybe in the world, maybe I should not care about my country any more, should I?

There will be some changes from this weekend on, I decide to cook myself Chinese food and I will go to an Anglican church on Sunday, the more into this country, the more I am Chinese.

More and more assignments take most of my time, I need more for my law study and my tennis course.

Another Autumn.


I took my thick quilt out, nothing is heavier than that from my cabinet but I still feel cold, what a disaster, how cold the winter here will be, I don’t know. When my friend told me Beijing is turning warmer and warmer, I feel a little sad to put on more clothes these days, here the autumn is coming.

Last night I took a late train home from Clayton, from my classmate’s party, very Chinese style, with a boring Korean game, but the food was so delicious, I never tasted those kinds of food for a long time. This gave me a good lesson of the Chinese food, after a long time eating out, Iwill never deny that Chinese food is the best and I should have to learn that soon, from next week on, okay.

Nearly forgot I need to buy me a birthday cake tomorrow, my birthday was usually in Spring, a season with hope, now it changed to Autumn, I need to get used to that in the next few years. The Autumn here is not like Beijing, where Autumn is the only time to see the blue sky, in Melbourne I can see the blue sky everyday, so Autumn is not that promising, but a sign of getting cold.

There are 10 weeks left of my language lessens, time to count down.