Who are Special?


Yesterday I was in Urumqi, now I am in a cafe in Chengdu, travelling is such an amazing thing.

Since I moved to Melbourne I found the disabled people are respected well, all toilets have special room for them, and the bus have special seats as well. Unlike in China, I can see disabled people everyday, Australia is probably a nice place for them to live.

Alex became blind 5 years ago because of a car accident, now he is doing his PHD in Oxford, I met him in a hostel. We talked a lot, everything in the UK and China, from monarchy to Irish, from aboriginals to comedy. However maybe he doesn’t know it’s not that easy for disabled in China, it’s quite a interesting experience for him to travel in China, but as he said he met lots of good people in Beijing and in the train, yeah this is real China with its good side, I like it. Before I knew the similar story,blind PHD, only in the film, and I guess if he was in China, he would be on TV for example, luckily i know him in an attractive city, now I have another reason to visit England.

I read a piece of news on the same day in the flight about CCTV’s criticise to Lu Liping’s comments on Gay marriage in New York. It’s a surprise for me to hear CCTV’s voice on equality. Maybe not every one likes the comparison of gay and disabled, but I think they have similarities, not the majority, and someone in this world has the same discrimination to them. It’s a gradually improving process to respect everyone, to know there are some special ones different from ourselves. From curiosity to understand then to accept, it always took a long time to know everything, maybe it will take longer time for all the people, but I am sure I can expect to see moe in my life, even a little.

Hopefully I can get something new in is trip too.


Wrong Way, Go Back.


Wrong Wang Go Back

Wrong Way, Go back is a signpost that always hides behind another one. I can see it anywhere in Melbourne, even on campus. Sometimes I think this warning is quite funny, if there are other signs to tell people what is the right way, how can people drive into the wrong way? But I saw a car, today, really came to the wrong way, then the driver saw the sign, stopped, and went back. Suddenly I kind of understood why this signpost should exist, even though it’s clear what is right, often people tend to go to the wrong way for any reasons. Till they are reminded again, they won’t be back to the right way.

What a simple theory, I never think about it before. However, people cannot always see this kind of reminding. In reality, facing different kinds of choices, it’s difficult to make any decisions. Then if the first step were wrong, sadly there would be no such kind of signposts to expect as on the road. Undoubtedly many people just keep going and never give up, and they never know they are wrong.

Long long time ago, I discussed this question with someone, which types of questions do you prefer in the exams, multi-choice or questions? The answer was unanimous: multi-choice is the nightmare in any exam, though it will never miss any exam.

Well, luckily we can correct, like we can correct the exam answers, like the two sons story in Bible, we can always review ourselves and make a wise progress. There is nothing wrong to persist, just sometimes we need change.