Big or Small Church?


I went to a sort of big church for a few weeks, it’s huge and with more young people, I really enjoyed it, however I felt a bit isolated, not so good.

It’s always nice to have an enjoyable church to go, especially matching my time table on every Saturday. But big church has its own disadvantage, everyone seems very busy and no one cares me. I tried to send emails to the youth group leader but never got a reply. I remembered the family church I usually went when I was in China was not big, and whenever I went, the lady would greet to me. At that time I felt like one of the family members, even when I was not able to go to church, some one would call me. In a big church, I would never expect so, and it’s everywhere, like the official churches in China is the same. From 2005-2006, that’s the year I went to Chaoyang Church, every Sunday’s worship was more than 3000 people, I didn’t even know a person during those days.
I did try to go lots of churches here, when I lived in Caulfield I even went to an Anglican church, very special I should say but I will never go there again. I liked the BSF every Monday evening in Michum, very interesting group study and discussion but that’s the time I should take lectures, not in the church.
Well I’m still on my way to find a good church for me, and I hope I can get one soon.