After the end of the financial year, the fun thing is the annual assessment from the firm. My last firm was really bad in it – the assessment done the year before was endless and finished almost in November. KPMG seems like quite deadline-oriented, so they did the assessment in July and the rating was released in August.

My rating in the last year was “effective” which is quite average. There were two higher ratings above me. The funniest moment was when I asked my colleague about his rating and he told me he got “inconsistent”, which was pretty much a fail, then both of us laughed hard.

Having a rating is cruel as it will differentiate employees with the same job title in salary, but it also provides a mean to self-assess the career goal. I definitely have no chance to be promoted in this year, then there is a choice for me between staying to be effective and starting to look for a job. I admire those people who stay in the same position for ages without promotion and pay rise, but working for a business and being recognised in the meantime should be a better career path.

I am in a good team with a variety of clients. Although my manager recently resigned, I can still learn quite a lot from another manager in quite a long time. Personally, I wish to give me another year to see if I could fit in the team a bit more. If I still get an effective next year, staying will not be an option for me.


Sydney Marathon


Yes, I registered Sydney marathon in the last minute at the early bird rate. I am sure I will not be ready for it on the day, but I will try my best.

3 years ago, a colleague went for the Sydney marathon and told me the experience was great, but I had already registered Melbourne marathon so I didn’t go to Sydney in that year. I totally said goodbye to the city of Melbourne after 4 marathons. Although I have changed my focus to triathlon this year, I just can’t resist doing another marathon.

The Sydney route looks complicated and there are no straight roads as in Melbourne route, but the view would be great, especially in the beginning when people cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge and in the end when people run to the Opera House.

I have 5 more weeks to prepare for it. My daily training should be enough for me to finish the run, but I just need to have a 3+ hours run at the weekend to make it easier. The third hour is going to be really painful and I might not have enough time to taper.

5 weeks is also a nice waiting time. I hope the sea water would be warm enough to swim after the marathon so that I can recover my swimming training by then.