CFA exam fail


Yes, I failed the level two exam. I think the CFA exam is really fair. Although the pass rate is low, the candidate will pass if you study. The past few months were crazy. I had to work longer hours to do many year end jobs, then no time is left for me to get assigned reading done. I skipped my morning exercise for almost two months for the exam, but that was not long enough for the preparation. I knew I would fail the exam on the exam day, but I still feel bad when I receive the email from the Institute.

Well, I had planned to stop my finance study in a year so I can move my focus to some area. This is based on an article about horizontal career development, so it is good for people to change the position then seek for development. However, I also think it is necessary to reach a level before changing horizontally. If I stay at the current advisor level and change now, my whole career will never rise. Nevertheless, life is not as perfect as the plan, so I need to be ready for my plan B. I will still look for an MBA programme starting from next year but will delay my 2018 CFA exam registration until September just in case I won’t have time to prepare it next year again.

I saw some posts from those who passed the exam in the forum: Finally nailed this bitch. I actually think the level 2 exam is indeed a bitch now and I want to nail it one day.