The Institute of Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand sent me an email last week and told me they had approved my membership application, so I am a CA now.

Three years ago when I started the programme, I was full of passion as it was a big thing. However when this designation was finished, everything looked quiet. The partner who signed off my reference did not say much and I was busy preparing my level two exam of the CFA. I guess I should just let it go.

Yesterday I have a coffee catch up with a partner. I’ve got all the qualification I need, also a good firm as a platform, so I guess it was a good timing to know what the next step is. My question was how to build a career. One of her points of the career building is it should not be restricted from 9 to 5 time wise, but assessed on deliveries to the clients. I can definitely see different meanings of it. No matter I like it or not I will follow her words and try to be promoted in KPMG.

So this is the last article about the CA thing. Good luck to myself Isaac Wang CA.


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