The Institute of Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand sent me an email last week and told me they had approved my membership application, so I am a CA now.

Three years ago when I started the programme, I was full of passion as it was a big thing. However when this designation was finished, everything looked quiet. The partner who signed off my reference did not say much and I was busy preparing my level two exam of the CFA. I guess I should just let it go.

Yesterday I have a coffee catch up with a partner. I’ve got all the qualification I need, also a good firm as a platform, so I guess it was a good timing to know what the next step is. My question was how to build a career. One of her points of the career building is it should not be restricted from 9 to 5 time wise, but assessed on deliveries to the clients. I can definitely see different meanings of it. No matter I like it or not I will follow her words and try to be promoted in KPMG.

So this is the last article about the CA thing. Good luck to myself Isaac Wang CA.




I went to Barcelona over Easter. It was a short visit with four nights, but I enjoyed it.

I stayed in a hotel in the city right next to Casa Batlló and it was close to everything. My first impression to the city was it was so organised. The city was old but the original design was so good. There was a small square in each junction; the buildings around were pushed back so the square was big enough to be used as a small car park. Pedestrian crossings were at the sides of the square and there were bins along with them. I was also surprised by how people behaved in the city; almost all residents followed the traffic rules. I took the bus only twice and the bus driver used indicators properly. Compared the UK, the US, Australia, Asian, this place was much more civilised. People were also friendly as well. Most residents were white, occasionally I could see some Latinos. The language of Catalan was softer than Spanish and didn’t sound that rude in my opinion, but I still want to learn Spanish one day  as I want to be tough.

I was in Madrid three years ago and I also have friends from Barcelona who claim Catalonia is an independent country. Now I know why.