It’s good to pass.


Last Friday, I passed the capstone module of the CA Programme, so I will apply for the membership soon. Yay.

This Wednesday, the CFA institute published the level 1 exam result. Surprisingly, I passed the exam too. Two exams were passed this week, no time is better than this.

The last few months were not easy. Both exams were in June and I had to start preparing in April. Every weekday till 2 am and every weekend – it was horrible. The capstone of the CA was relatively easy, but level 1 of the CFA exam was so hard. I studied those materials last year, but when I tried to put them all together for the preparation, I almost forgot everything. On the level 1 exam day, the morning session was okay but the afternoon session was much harder and felt like shit after the exam – I was almost sure I would fail the exam. When I clicked the email sent by the institute, I noticed it began with congratulations, it was such a relief.

The next is the level 2 of the CFA exam, I’ve started learning the materials. Everyone says level 2 is much more challenging, so I will have to just work harder. Yes.


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