Back to San Francisco.


San Francisco is a diversified city, I noticed that even from the airport – most immigration officers were Asians or Latinos. I saw an old Chinese couple who could only speak Chinese passed the customs successfully – the officer could speak Chinese, what a chance!

It was my third time in this city, but for the first time, the BART was not in service as the workers were on strike. I took a bus to the city, very very slow –  capitalism was so bad.

The place I visited this time was the cable car. The museum was actually only six blocks away from the hostel on the map, so I decided to walk there. However when I actually went there on the following day, I regretted not taking the hilly road into consideration. It was almost like climbing a mountain and took me half an hour to get the destination after an up-and-down. Looking at the steep road, I found it really necessary to have a sort of transport in this hilly area. For a long time I thought the cable car was like a tram, actually they were not pulled by the engine, but the moving cables under the track and the central control was right in the museum. As there were no wire network like the tram, the street looked quite tidy. The only disadvantage I thought was the continuous noise from the cable gears but I did not blame it, it was a great system. It was not cheap – around 5 dollars and the many riders chose the Indian way to take it- with only one leg standing on the car and the other hanging in the air.

Starting from the wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge, there was a beautiful walking track. It was a Monday afternoon and a bit windy, but so many people were running along the track. There are many reasons why people want to move to the Bay Area, for me it could be simply the running track and the healthy spirit. Yes on the way back from the bridge, I run.

In Chinese, San Francisco was translated to Old Gold Mountain, such a unique translation as Chinese seldom adopts these kind of “nickname” as a city’s official name. It’s all from the gold rush, many Chinese workers went for it in early days and named it gold mountain. Right after the gold rush in Melbourne, they started to call San Francisco old gold mountain. Nowadays the official Chinese name of Melbourne is still Melbourne but Old Gold Mountain as a name of San Francisco still remains, very strange.

It’s a bit dirty on the street, the homeless people are a bit aggressive and the bridge is always foggy, but I  like this city.


It is a good week.


Early this week, I finished my second marathon. Yesterday I got the result from the institute and I passed my first module of the CA program.

Everything started in June after a relaxed working experience in the country. I started the tax module and I had to spend all my spare time on my study. This is totally different from studies in university – no teacher, no classmates, computer and ebook is the only resource. Meanwhile I had to run at lease half an hour for my marathon training.

It was such a hard time, I had no social life, but busy with work study and training. The worst result could be I did not finish the marathon for insufficient training and I failed the exam as I did not spend enough time on study. I was glad I made both and survived. My colleague said I looked very excited on Friday in office, yes it was a relief. There are only two months left in this year, I am happy I have done something. In the next two month I still have one module to finish. I hope I could say 2013 was a productive year in this Christmas.

Netball, first time.


There are two strange sports in Australia. First, boys love footy – it’s more like rugby, but they call it footy. Nobody in other countries like this sport, but Australians are crazy about. At certain time in the year the first question people ask you is about footy. Once I asked a friend about the pleasure to watch footy, he said it had more goals that real football so he could yell more. What a nonsense reason. Well I was forced to pick a team by my coworkers, and I haven’t decided. There are many Geelong supporters in the office but I think I may choose Hawthorn..

Another strange sport is called netball. I never heard of it before I came here but all Aussie girls know it and can play it well. When I lived on campus in university, there were many competitions between different halls and girls absolutely love it. I never went to watch any games but my impression was it was a girl’s game.

There is no other place more Australian than the country. If you don’t play netball or footy, you really can’t survive in Swan Hill. Nearly all the people in the office or their partners play for one local footy club, and netball season in town never stops. Interestingly here all netball teams are mixed, so boys got a chance to find their feminine side. I misses the first season early this year and my colleague invited me for this new season. Today was the first match.

My position was Wing Defence tonight, and my goal was to annoy the Wing Attack – that was just my understanding. The WA girl was fast but quite small compared to me so it was not so difficult to defend her. I was penalised quite a lot for the defence distance – 3 feet – that was too short for me but I think it keeps a reasonable distance and makes net ball quite safe to play. Lots of running after one hour play, but I think I may like it.

I look forward to next Monday.