Picking up my running.


I was very busy in the past few days, still learning lots of new things at work meanwhile I was trying to have some readings every day – starting from half an hour in the evening but it is really not easy to concentrate at home. I will commence my first Chartered Accountant unit in two months, and it will tough time for me then.


I ran three times last week, about 8k each time through a return route on the main road from my flat to the other side of the town. There is also a 10k trail near the NSW boarder to the golf course but there is no light. These days it’s getting dark so early and I don’t even have time for food after work before running for safety reason. One good thing is one colleague joined my run recently. He is a football player and when his wife and daughters went to his hometown, he would push me for a fast 10k run, which was quite good.

I also spent quite a lot of time on my garden, and I hope it will look nicer before winter comes. Last time during the conversation with mum, she asked me to grow some vegetables. I think is a good idea, and I will start with garlic chive, maybe. Actually I really like the orange tree in my neighbour’s yard, and I can get some with my hands though I shouldn’t.

I will talk to the gym manager later this week to get a deal. I really don’t like the gym but I don’t want to be stuck at home, as there is really nothing to do in cold winter. Hmmm winter is really coming.