Everyone needs a library.


A very important thing I need to get is a library card, yes a book can really help to kill time. Swan Hill Library is very different from those ones in the university, it’s small and community oriented. Most books on the shelf are fictions and illustrations, there is even has a story telling for kids on the corner. I guess I will just check out books from here, not stay here for a day.

I talked to a neighbour today, and interestingly he is a butcher. See his car’s pic above, and it has a very cool plate MEAT-01. The people I know in Melbourne are mostly lecturers, doctors, bankers, or whatever, but here people have a lot more to do: plumbers, electricians, who will be the next person I know?

Today I met two colleagues in Woolworths, and another one in ALDI. I think I will start to know everyone in town soon. It’s such a cozy place, I love it.