Letting My House.


I have been to the counters in the airport in different countries, and I can tell people working there are quite different. In Asian countries, they are quite efficient – get the seat, tag the bags, and that’s it. In Australia, they will say “how are you”, ask about the weather, the food and the trip no matter how long the queue is – people who are fond of it say they are professional, but I would say they are just slow.

In the country, people are slower in my opinion, though unfortunately there is no airport to prove it. I submitted my house application two weeks ago, and after being refused by one landlord, I finally got one lease offer today. Meanwhile after complaining the agent’s slowness for so many days, I finally became relieved. With hindsight I can understand why they are so “slow”, or I should say they are actually so laid back. Those things that belong to me will finally be mine, and other people’s stuff will never come to me, so just relax and see what is coming. It occurred so many times following the same way, like my degree, my job or my house. This is a completely different attitude, not the one I grew up with, but the one I should learn, as I guess this is the way how it works here. So the conclusion is being slow is actually not bad, but another lifestyle, and I should get used to it.

I will go to the real east agent to take the offer tomorrow, and hopefully I will like my two bedroom house.

Location:Campbell Street,Swan Hill,Australia


Pluto and me.


Just by accident, I found two pictures between Pluto and me.

The left one was taken is HK Disneyland in 2008. In those days I was busy with my work in Beijing and enjoyed my holidays in China. The right one was taken in LA Disneyland in 2013, and at that moment I did not even know what my next step would be.

I changed a lot in the past 5 years – older, maybe wiser but maybe not, whearas Pluto is the same – cute and lovely as in my childhood. I am kind of jealous of Pluto as it is forever, and I guess that is the charm that Disney brings to us. I hope in the near future, I could take another picture with you, my dearest Pluto.

Is there a next time? Well, say no.


It’s February now. In the new year I normally have some goals, and my potential one in 2013 is to write a blog everyday. I don’t want to break my promises after writing it down, so I would rater make it like this: writing blogs as many as I can, at least more than yesterday.

What’s up? Quite a lot. Yes I moved to Swan Hill and began my new job. Exciting? No, I was quite frustrated about the tax software they use in the firm. All other people including the new girls seem quite proficient in it, not me. I guess doing tax returns in a computer would be very different from passing exams in the university, and I hope it will not take a long time to get used to the new office as well as everything else. Luckily the people in the firm are really good and I kind of believe I made a right decision to be an accountant. Though nothing would be easy in the beginning, as I found something quite surprising in this town. For example, there is no gas supply in this area so everything is powered by the expensive electricity. Also, Telstra is the only broadband provider and there are not any cheaper options like Optus. Moreover, there are no Asian grocery shops, and the only “Asian” shops in town only sell Indian stuff, so I have to go to Woolworths to buy the organic Tofu and unfortunately no more garlic chives or garlic shoot from now on. Can I survive? Maybe I can. I found there are two gyms in town and one of them even had a swimming pool. I also found a good tennis club and they had lots of grass courts. Though I still need to go to Melbourne occasionally to east some proper Chinese food.
Talking about Melbourne, people in the firm or in this town thought I was from Melbourne, but I actually moved everything to Swan Hill. As for the place of my home, yes I once thought Melbourne was my home but ┬áit was not true. Till the day I rent a van and put all my stuff into it, I did not even go to Rod Arena once and did not witness Australian Open personally even once. I always thought I could do that later as I would plenty of time in the future but actually I won’t. Like many other things, time will not wait for me. Do I want to have such regrets in the future? No, grasp each chance like there is no “next time”, and I will not make the same mistakes.
It is my first weekend here in Swan Hill, and good luck to my new week.