Hello Swan Hill!


I slept very well in a hotel after watching a tennis game of Australia Open, as ever I really liked Federer’s confidence. It is really the best time to follow Australia Open on TV now and I wish Li Na good luck tonight, not because I like her but I hate his opponent.

It’s a very hot day in Swan Hill, weather forecast said it would be 40 degree today, but I think it’s hotter than that. I walked to the property to inspect the house, and I kind of liked it – big kitchen and big back yard, probably I will grow some vegetables or even raise a dog there, it’s really good to rent a house.

On the train, I am counting down my days in Melbourne, maybe three or two days? I arrived in this city in 2010, that was a big decision in 2009 – quit my job and prepared exams. Now it’s another step to move forward – leave Melbourne for Swan Hill for my work. Change does not always mean good but life without changes really suck – this is what I believe. So hello Swan Hill!

Like three years ago, the first thing I need to do is to find where the Asian grocery shop is.