Time to Say Goodbye.


Two and half years ago when I arrived at Melbourne airport, I just took my two suitcases. Now when I am packing in my house, those two suitcases are still there, but there are 12 additional boxes, and I need more boxes for my endless stuff.

What did I get here? A certificate from the university? Yes that is the reason I came here, but what else besides those 12 boxes? I really don’t know. When I tried to have dinners with my friends here to say goodbye, I found there were several of them, and they made me kind of busy, so at least I had those friends.
The Chinese say education is an investment, you give money to the university, then you get them back from the future employer, much more. The Australian say education is an industry, you spend money to expand universities, and get money from those overseas students, much more. But it is NOT that simple ,at least in my case, I got more then I expected, like the friends and lots of experiences, yes much more.
It’s not easy sometimes to choose which way to go. Seeing me moving from Beijing to Melbourne, my family and friends had lots of question. Now moving out of Melbourne is another difficult decision, but I believe it will be a right step for me, and time can prove this hopefully. 
I am counting down to Christmas, and Santa is counting down to my departure date. We are moving on.