Retraction from This American Life.


This American Life is the only American radio show I listen to every week. I am not sure if there was a retraction before, but this is the first time I know since I started to listen to it since 2008.

Basically in a story of this show 2 months ago, one guy called Mr. Daisey told the audience about his experience in Apple’s manufacturer Foxconn in China, and defined it as a horrible place. In fact most parts in this story were not true and he was lying, though this episode became extremely popular on the internet. Fortunately the radio station’s correspondent in China followed his track, interviewed all the people in his story again and revealed that the story was not true. So here the retraction comes.

I am happy that the program I like has the courage to admit the mistake and tells the audience the truth, as not all the programs can do this. I will definitely keep listening to it, and I also want to add two more points.

Firstly, I know because of the differences among different countries, people like to criticise this and that in another country. Similarly people are jealous about the success of one brand and tend to say more things negative about it. But even taking it more serious, is it right to tell lies against our enemies? Even the other party you don’t like tells lies, can lies kill lies? Isn’t the truth strong enough?

Secondly, before the program was published, the host said that the editor did ask Mr Daisy to confirm what he said show in the show was true, and that man did confirm it. But can it really prevent telling lies, as a kind of mechanism? There is a whole different thinking way among these story tellers which is worth to discover more. In order to have a good story, he has to make efforts to his work. By the motivation from himself, what he has heard became what he has seen, then what he has done. Like Mr Daisey, those people will never admit they lied, because technically what they said is still on the ground of a very different perspective that no one can understand. I guess this way of explanation can be also used in the news we see on TV or any other gossips we hear every day.

I do not want to link this program’s mistake with any other incidents I saw previously, and neither do I write this note because I like China orApple, it is just from an ordinary person that watch and read news every day. I just wonder how many of them are twisted by the presenter, and how the hell can people can know about the truth.


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