I am in England now. The first impression to Manchester is many “to let” signs in the street. In the beginning I thought it was toilet with a missing “i”, then I realised it was too many for sings of toilets. After I checked it up, I know the meaning now – British English is lovely. A good thing in England is I can know exactly what are the names for those strange European food. There were so many food that I haven’t seen before in the supermarkets in Europe, and I couldn’t buy them because I didn’t know what they are. But in England I can use a dictionary, so today I bought a bag of cooked beetroots. I saw this many times and I even thought it must an kind of animal, but actually it tasted good, just the colour was a bit unpleasant, and I look like a vampire after eating it-full of red in my mouth. I also had a haircut today, it’s m second one in this trip. £10 was not cheape and it was in a buManchessy corner barber’s shop. I heard there was a number system in England long time ago,and today I know it’s true. The barber asked me which number do I need, and I said I didn’t even know the meaning of the numbers. Then he recommended to have number 3 for the sides and number 4 for the top. I don’t think I like my final English hairstyle-not as good as my Hungarian one, but it’s really an interesting experience, as I survived the English hairecut number system. I have only one week left for my trip, I hate the end of my trip, but I also look forward to spending my Chinese New year with my parents soon. I nearly have nothing to conclude my European journey, but I really enjoyed it, and hope I will have another one in the future.