East Europe.


I really want to have a look at East Europe because of their history – communisism, but in reality most of those countries don’t want to mention this period of history, as I saw in Estonia – the thought it’s history in USSR was an occupation, same to Nazi Germany – very unexpected. On the other hand, East Europe has a big difference from other part of Europe – people are crazy and buildings are old. Some cities like Sofia look like my hometown in 1980s, but the are part of European Union. I don’t know what is the standard to become a member , but for me , this union is more like a political tool to go against Russia, not to help those former communist countries. I still found something interesting in Poland, as they have the similar food like the dumplings in China, and the fillings were mushrooms. I started to miss my food now.


Are you from Australia?


It’s the third week since I started to travel, and till the day I said goodbye to Germany, I think I am going to miss this country. Compare to other European countries, German people don’t care their food too much, so the food in Germanany is pretty cheap. Specifically I found chocolates are very cheap in the supermarket, a 200g chocolate bar is only 99 cents. I think German government need to tax chocolates more for the health and body shape reasons. “Are you from Australia?” I heard this question in a hostel in hamburg, a nice city. The question was from an kiwi, but I forgot to ask him why I look like Australian. I guess there must be something wrong with me. I have been to the famous red light districts in both Amsterdam and Hamburg, and I prefer the one in Amstdam, as I had so much to see I that city. The hookers in Hamburg are more aggressive, and there wanoon fun if one does not pay in Hamburg. Red light districts are such an interesting part in the city, sometimes it was hard to imagine how tolerant a government is,especially in a strict country like Germany. It was my pleasure to meet my former boss in tesa in Hamburg, actually in Germany it must be proud to a member in tesa, as this brand is everywhere either in post offices or supermarkets. I said to my self finally: it is never too late to notice I once worked for tesa. The day was getting dark very early in winter, so in a long and cold night, sex is a pretty thing to do, though I don’t have the previledge to do so, and I need to keep travelling.