Finally it is Europe.


I cannot imagine that after a 10 hours’ flight heading north, I am into a much warmer place. From the window of the plane, I could see those red roof houses, very similar to Australia. But those cars in the right lane told me it was Europe, finally I am coming.

Europe is old, those statues in the street must have hundreds of years old, those languages they spoke must be used thousands of years ago. Stepping on those stone street, looking at those castles and pigeons around, I feel like I am back to the history, and this brought me back that ancient dream when I was small.

Guess those tourists from the new world have the same curiosity as I have. I don’t know what I will see in the next 2 months, but I know I am going to love it.


Sound or No Sound?


I read an article about the sounds in the thriller films this week, pretty interesting.

Basically there are two kinds of sound that can make people scary, one is some strange sound that people have not heard before, the other is no sound. So the typical scary picture is either in a dark night, suddenly there was a sound that should not be there, then some bad things followed; Or in a dark and hot night, outside is  noisy because of those summer animals and insects, it became quite, quite, till no sound at all, then suddenly something bad happened.

I should admit those directors well studied those psychology theory, and those sound analysis at least said me right. For my hearing system, first it cannot be too quite, it is quite necessary to get some background music or something else. I have downloaded some sound apps in my phone, providing those nature sounds like raining, wave and so on. So if I sometimes bored (it always happens) , I will open those apps to enjoy the nature sounds, especially those sounds which I have to travel long to hear. Secondly, the sound should not be too strange. I once doubt the standard of the some electrical sound in the thriller films, now I can roughly guess the rationale behind it. People feel comfortable under the familiar environment. The more strange, the more uncomfortable people will feel, thus one extreme is to use the unease to create a scary feeling in the films.
Watching films is interesting, but knowing the reasons behind the films is interesting too.