Keep on Running.


There is only one month left before Melbourne Marathon, I can still run a half marathon, and not sure I can survive 42 kilometres in October.

As for running, I started to run when I was 5, following my dad. We lived in the army’s compound in those days, every day at 6:00am, the military hornĀ  reminded all the soldiers to get up, I also got up, then started to run with dad. Dad told me I should run like a soldier, but I often fell behind after a few metres, and saw dad’s running at the front, without stop. We kept moving when I was young, from city to city, running place also changed. Till we moved to the residential area, there was no horn, I could finally begin to have a good sleep every day, my running also stopped.

When I was in primary school, I was good at running in short distance, like 100 metres, I was always my class’ representative for the sports meeting. Gradually I preferred to play football, like everyone else. Actually to play with others was much more interesting than simply running, till today I still think so. It’s so good to be young, I didn’t even know what is tired in primary school, every day, 4 to 5 hours in the playground, just playing the ball, then went for a nice cold drink. I could sometimes feel the sweat was dropping, one drop after another.

I didn’t run in my high school, piano was the only thing in my world. I still played football in the university, just not everyone liked football, most of my classmates liked basketball, which I didn’t know how to play, so in PE class, I could either watch them playing basketball, or staying in the corner, till I picked running up. Every night, before the playground was closed, I went there and ran in circles, one after another, sometimes I could see the stars, but mostly I couldn’t, that’s in Beijing, in 2001.

In the following years, I have seen Blind Chance, Sliding Doors, Run, Lola, Run, seemed there are some coincidences in running. But for me, it’s more like a habit, no opportunity, no coincidence, I just kept running, then eating, then sleep.

I bought a pair of Nike running shoes 4 years ago, it was my only running equipment. Someone said NB was better, but I still loved my Nike, maybe I should buy a new pair for my marathon, a lighter one. When I was running, the worst time was always the first hour, after that, with the music from the earphone, ie Ravel’s Bolero, I could easily come into my own world, then kept running till finished.

Okay, nothing special, just running.