The Beauty of Angkor Wat.


I didn’t expect to see much in Cambodia, many people gave me very negative comments on this country, as they thought travelling should be in an advanced country with more comfort. Though I would like to go and have a look, it was finally proved that it was actually a beautiful country.

It was not easy decide how many days I should stay in Siem Reap, not until in Tibet, I still thought one day would be enough, at least those temples were destroyed and quite similar, some of them should be enough. I met a girl in Lhasa, she had been to Siem Reap before and she told be she stayed for a week there. I was quite surprised, as even in LP’s instruction, all the temples could be seen within 2 days, what did she do there in a week. Then the girl said she didn’t go to temples every day, actually most of the time she just walked around and chilled out, and she still missed her days there. She also told me she bought a book called “The Beauty of Angkor” before she went there, the beauty was quite beyond what she just saw.

I couldn’t talk more about Angkor Wat in Tibet, as we soon jumped to the topic how to go to Mt Everest, but I remembered book’s name, and I also made a decision to extend my stay in Siem Reap to 2 days.

My first stop in Siem Reap was Banteay Srei, it was a disaster. I rode a bike for about 3 hours and finalled saw this small and crowded temple. It was described as the finest carving in Angkor, but I had seen much better carving in other places, and I couldn’t enjoy much. On the way back, I met the downpour and sheltered under a banana tree for an hour, I was quite pissed off and nearly lost the interests to the whole trip.

Soon the rain stopped, then I came to the second stop Pre Rup. It was nearly 6pm, and I waited there for the sunset. It was quite and there wasn’t so many people, I climbed to the peak, which was called the heaven by a tour guide. Gradually it became dark and dark, and the sunshine scattered over those statues little by little. All of a sudden, I felt those old statues became extremely beautiful. In front of them, facing to the ruins, I started to imagine how it was like in old days.In the same location, at the same sunset time, 1000 years ago, how was the people in Khmer Empire when this temple was newly built? Were they proud of this building and even their country?

I sat on a stone in Pre Rup for about an hour, looking at a girl’s drawing of a temple. Till it was completely dark, I came back to the hostel, and the pain in the morning also disappeared.

On the next day, in Bayon, I saw the book “The Beauty of Angkor” from a dark Cambodian boy. Among all the other English book, this Chinese book from Taiwan was quite special. I took it and had a look for a few minutes and gave it back to the boy. I didn’t buy the book, because I though I knew the beauty already, sometimes the beauty is not obviousl that can be seen from the picture, or even read from the book. Only if you were there and saw it, you would then feel it. Although Angkor Wat was quite boring in many people’s eyes, it was a perfect example of imperfect beauty.

I am glad I met the girl in Tibet, and I am also glad to make a right decision to stay 2 days in Siem Reap, though I would like to stay longer. Goodbye Angkor Wat, my beauty.


Crazy Nepal


If I don’t go to a country, I will never know this country. If I go to this country, I know i will never know this country.

The entry to Nepal was not in my plan, I couldn’t find a group to Mt Everest in Lhasa, so I decided to come to Nepal instead, and I am happy to make this choice.

I have met two Nepalese in Melbourne, one is in a restaurant, a waiter, he looks like Indian. The other is from MRGC, a nursing student. From their introduction, Nepal is beautiful and cheap, but usually people like to say positive side of the their country only. As soon as I went across the border,I knew Nepal is more than that. In order to go to Kathmandu, I need to take a car or bus. The private car driver was quite nice, but i had to share a car with others, sitting on the roof. I thought it was too dangerous so I decided to wait for the bus. When I saw the bus, I was speechless to find there were about 20 people sitting on the roof and my seat was there. My first impression to Nepal: crazy.

In Durbar square, everything was in a mess, dirty, polluted but full of attractions. Temples were everywhere but not easy to find, no signs or English name, map was quite necessary. Occasionally some kids said hello to me and asked for a photo, some beggars as well. Lots of tailors, working, inside or outside, on the special clothes in this country, it’s a nice job. In Thamel, different races of people, some vendors said Nihao to get my attention, some guys held their hands and walked in the street, strange but interesting.

If I have time I would spend more time in this country, like trekking in the mountain area, i met 4 french girls, they will do that next week. For me,next time, yes next time.

Who are Special?


Yesterday I was in Urumqi, now I am in a cafe in Chengdu, travelling is such an amazing thing.

Since I moved to Melbourne I found the disabled people are respected well, all toilets have special room for them, and the bus have special seats as well. Unlike in China, I can see disabled people everyday, Australia is probably a nice place for them to live.

Alex became blind 5 years ago because of a car accident, now he is doing his PHD in Oxford, I met him in a hostel. We talked a lot, everything in the UK and China, from monarchy to Irish, from aboriginals to comedy. However maybe he doesn’t know it’s not that easy for disabled in China, it’s quite a interesting experience for him to travel in China, but as he said he met lots of good people in Beijing and in the train, yeah this is real China with its good side, I like it. Before I knew the similar story,blind PHD, only in the film, and I guess if he was in China, he would be on TV for example, luckily i know him in an attractive city, now I have another reason to visit England.

I read a piece of news on the same day in the flight about CCTV’s criticise to Lu Liping’s comments on Gay marriage in New York. It’s a surprise for me to hear CCTV’s voice on equality. Maybe not every one likes the comparison of gay and disabled, but I think they have similarities, not the majority, and someone in this world has the same discrimination to them. It’s a gradually improving process to respect everyone, to know there are some special ones different from ourselves. From curiosity to understand then to accept, it always took a long time to know everything, maybe it will take longer time for all the people, but I am sure I can expect to see moe in my life, even a little.

Hopefully I can get something new in is trip too.