It is Nice to be Still Young.


This after-exam holiday is in Alice Springs, the outback of Australia, my first time in Northern Territory.

For me travelling is much better than taking exams: visit different places, meet different people, and learn the local culture. Kata Tjuta, Uluru, King’s Canyon, in our small bus, with 17 people from different country, it’s a 3 days camping. When I was taking pictures with everyone in the Rock bar last night, I suddenly found it was so nice to be young. If I were getting older, I might not like to spend 2 nights in a sleeping bag around a fire in a freezing night, I might not like to play the stupid game in the bus in front of everyone, I might not like to dance like a child in the pub. Are we dancer, are we human? Those music men knew what I was thinking.

On the first night of the camping, I saw 5 shooting stars and I made 5 wishes. Is it coming true? Goodbye Uluru, goodbye the big rock.

Location:Parsons St,Alice Springs,Australia


Exam Time.


Gym is empty, kitchen is empty, library is full, now it’s exam time.

When I say empty, it doesn’t mean there are just a few people, it is really empty. This afternoon I saw only one boy playing basketball inside of the stadium, how happy he is.

If I can study every day like the revision time, I may become a PHD, like a study idiot; or I may become crazy, then I am really an idiot. So it’s good to have revision time, it’s good to have exam pressure, but no, three weeks is enough.

Last weekend, I finished my first half marathon, 22 km within 1 hour and 50 minutes, actually I just set the 12km/h speed and kept running. It was so nice, and there was no pain at all that night, maybe it’s because of Li Na’s champion in French Open. That was such a day, I told my friend Li Na won and China had one day National holiday because of it, my friend was so surprised: ah, really? Oh come on, of course not. It was a National holiday, but not because of tennis, but many years ago someone’s suicide.

Melbourne’s winter is cold, yesterday it’s said “feels like 0.2 degree”, oh dear, I need some sunshine. I am wondering if the miserable is good excuse to stay in bed, but the examiner doesn’t think so, I know. Okay, then keep going, for exams.