My Race Number is 135.


I registered and got my confirmation mail with my race number, so Melbourne Marathon is going to be my first marathon in this October.

Still till the time I paid, I was wondering if I need to register a half marathon, but no, I chose the full one. Since I am quite confident to do a half even now, if there is still 4 months left, why not give me a target more challenging?
Melbourne Marathon is more like a festival, everyone can join, they don’t even have any requirements. On the enrolling form, I was asked the estimate time, I filled 7 hours, then they gave me a warning: you should familiarise the route by yourself. Okay I will.
So the next step is to keep training, I seriously downloaded a marathon app on my iPhone. And from next semester on, I will have to go outdoors, it seems everything will be as planned.
I called my previous colleague in China after I registered, she was the first one I knew to do regular marathon, and also the one who persuaded me to start trying. She was quite numb, maybe because she can’t join and lose the chance to humiliate me personally by finishing it 3 hours earlier. Her base is HK Marathon, that’s the one I’m interested too, hopefully one day I can race with her.
Need a reason for marathon? Very simple: if I can do something I never ever thought of before, then I’ll have the courage for everything else.

Vegetarian Life.


I have been vegetarian for totally 3 years, yeah.

Vegetarian for me is just for health, or sort of health, many people once asked me the reason, I couldn’t give them an answer. Not sure, but one year in the regular health check-up, I was diagnosed a fatty liver, very slightly. I asked the doctor the reason, she said you ate too much oily food and drank too much. I then asked what if I never drank or never ate oily food, she said you should eat less meat. I think this check-up was the direct reason for me to be a vegetarian, but not the only one.
Whenever I tell my eating habit to my friends, it’s a problem for them to have meals with me in a restaurant. The next question they will ask is usually: so you eat fish, right? I was very curious of this question, so they thought fish was just plant, like seaweed? But it’s definitely a common question of vegetarian, many people has this sense: meat is just from the animal on the land. But no, fish is also animal, so I don’t eat them.
I was firstly asked “do you eat chives” in HK, my first reaction was: another nut. Probably it’s more popular to have vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne, sometimes I’ll see the description of the food in the menu, they will note: without chives, it must make sense then, I told myself. So I googled and found this interesting word “Jain vegetarianism”, a rich Indian creature, they don’t eat root vegetables, it’s another branch of vegetarianism.
One more strict vegetarian is called vegan, they don’t even have milk or egg. Oh come on, how can I have cereal in the morning without milk? I need the protein powder after gym too, so I am not a vegan.
Vegetarian is called lacto ovo on the airways, this is the first thing I learned ever since I was vegetarian, and Air China has good lacto ovo meal.
Many people doubt if people can survive without meat, actually we can, or I can. Do not say something about equality or environment, it’s too far away, maybe just for health consideration, vegetarianism is not a bad choice.

Big or Small Church?


I went to a sort of big church for a few weeks, it’s huge and with more young people, I really enjoyed it, however I felt a bit isolated, not so good.

It’s always nice to have an enjoyable church to go, especially matching my time table on every Saturday. But big church has its own disadvantage, everyone seems very busy and no one cares me. I tried to send emails to the youth group leader but never got a reply. I remembered the family church I usually went when I was in China was not big, and whenever I went, the lady would greet to me. At that time I felt like one of the family members, even when I was not able to go to church, some one would call me. In a big church, I would never expect so, and it’s everywhere, like the official churches in China is the same. From 2005-2006, that’s the year I went to Chaoyang Church, every Sunday’s worship was more than 3000 people, I didn’t even know a person during those days.
I did try to go lots of churches here, when I lived in Caulfield I even went to an Anglican church, very special I should say but I will never go there again. I liked the BSF every Monday evening in Michum, very interesting group study and discussion but that’s the time I should take lectures, not in the church.
Well I’m still on my way to find a good church for me, and I hope I can get one soon.

One More Step to Half Marathon.


I always set my treadmill to 12 km/h, and I’m nearly getting used to one hour’s running every day. Last weekend, I tried 13km/h for 1.5 hours, and it’s nearly 16km totally, it’s the longest distance I have even run.

Melbourne Marathon will be in this October, I don’t know which one should I register on, a half-marathon or a full one. 21 km should be easy for me after 5 months, but I’m not sure I can survive 42 kms. As always, it’s hard to choose. I checked last year’s result, the slowest time in marathon of my age group (20-39) is 7 hours, it will be my target if I will take it. And if I choose a half one, I hope I can finish it within 2 hours.
I bought a e-book last week called running Bible, yes, everything has a Bible, even in a “looks boring” exercise – running. I also decided to run outdoors when it’s warmer, maybe from this spring, it’s good to enjoy the TV in the sports centre, but it will be more exciting outdoors I guess. There is a dog’s park near Prince Highway, it will be my best place to run, by then I will play with dogs while running every morning, like what I did when I was 8 years old.

What does Business School Teach Us?


It’s not easy to come back to the real life, everyday I drive to the campus, catch up the course and do the endless work. It’s only 3 weeks left in this semester, I can feel I nearly didn’t learn much. To avoid the exam time is certainly not the right attitude, so I have to go to lab when I am free, as usual.

In business school, one important part is group assignment, on one hand, lecturers will not spend too much time to review the work from everyone; on the other hand, it cultivates the so called group work ability. However, it is not always easy to find the right group members, because everything has their worn aims. In one assignment one Indian mate sent us his responsible part on the last day, we had no time to discuss it but to submit directly and that was finally marked 60% wrong. In the other management assignment another Indian guy didn’t do anything and asked us to include his name in the submission, we refused and reported to the lecturer, probably he would fail because of this.
There are various of people in this world, I don’t want to comment certain race or people, but I need to learn, learn something invisible in this relationship, something like: because you can’t eliminate them, then you have to learn how to live with them. To illustrate, Australia is the racist country in the world, though people can’t hear anything racial in the life, even the word like “African” or “Asian”, this formal respect doesn’t change the dislike, and people can still feel the discrimination everywhere. This is quite paradoxical as a person to behave, but as a technique to live in the society, it is quite necessary. The relationship among university colleagues is just a reflection of the society, sometimes even more complicated than the workplace, it’s an art rather than anything else, and I have to learn.
There is a huge gap between the theory and the real life, and Business School only teach people how to face to the real life. This is the reason when I read the book about logical reasoning or Philosophy, I become much more peaceful. When I prepared my LSAT, I noticed a very good podcast “LSAT Logic in everyday life”, unfortunately Princeton Review didn’t update it anymore. I hope, just hope, in the future I can use what I have learned to analyse current news as well in my blog, this will clearly reflect the different thinking of law student and business student.

Familiar Stranger.


Today, I tried a radio service called Pandora, the entry page asked to list any favourite artist, and I typed Vienna Teng, just wanted to test if the service could identify indie music as well. Surprisingly, the next recommended song was Missy Higgins’ Sugarcane. Oh, I nearly cried. Sugarcane, I firstly listened to this song back in 2008, at that time I was extremely busy everyday travelling in different cities and struggling if I need quit my job to study, on Youtube I saw the video of this song, a quite girl played the piano while singing this sugarcane, it was then repeated in my iPod for months. Music is magical, when people listen to the same song, it will never feel the same. But after many years, if a familiar song came out again, is it always accompanied with so many other familiar things?

After moving to this lonely country, I became lonely as well, or even more. Sometimes I count the people I meet in one day, only three or less can I talk to, and I sort of enjoy or have to adjust to this life, even though I don’t know if this is what I want. Back in my university time, there was one song called “The Most Familiar Stranger”, every girl liked to sing. I don’t know the lyrics, but I think the title can well describe this kind of controversy. Change can be improving, also new thing that people are afraid to accept. Unchange can be something old-fashioned, but sometimes it is sweet.