What Podcast do I Listen to?


I like podcasts because I like radio, but podcast doesn’t only have radio programs. In my iphone, I have about 10 podcasts, here are they:

1, From Our Own Correspondent: My favourite news program, BBC’s correspondents have their time to talk their own stories far personal than the news.
2, Desert Island Discs: My favourite music show, due to the copyright, all the music only lasts 30 seconds, but well organised conversation is just a supplement. Christy Young sounds like an Irish, and many guests are American.
3, Naked Scientists: My only Science podcast, and it’s not boring at all.
4, The Archers: Soap opera, I subscribed the omnibus version.
5, Unreported World: Channel 4’s documentary program, there is an “Documentaries” from BBC, not bad either.
6, 10 O’clock Live: My only Comedy show, the debate after the news is always nice. American version from NPR is called Wait wait don’t tell me and BBC’s is Friday Comedy, but I think Channel 4’s is the best.
7, Peter Day’s World of Business: His voice is amazingly attractive, the business topics are also interesting.
8, This American Life: I should admit this is the best-made podcast forever, I can’t wait to hear the new stories every Monday.
9, Stuff You Should Know: Knowledge podcast with a many interesting topics.
10, ChristChurch London: My Spiritual fertiliser every week.
Definitely BBC Radio 4 is my favourite radio station, still I’m trying to choose from as many resources as possible. For the reason of above 10, partly because I am quite Pro-British, even though US has more choices, I just don’t like the accent. Besides, I only subscribe the weekly update podcast, more often or less regular is not acceptable.

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