New Zealand and those People.


7 years ago I got an invitation to go to New Zealand, I refused it and dreamed my dream to England. Like any other dreams, England was just a dream, Australia finally became true, and New Zealand, I nearly forgot this country.

Till today my 8 day’s Kiwi visit is nearly finished, I don’t know what I can say to this country, what if someone else can help me?

Victoria Park, Auckland. I was sitting on a chair and watched a rugby training, one girl passed me by and asked if I could look after his bag for a while and she wanted to have a running. After jogging, she told me she was also from China, has been here for 9 years, she just hoped to stay here and not go back to China. This girl should be in my age, 9 years is really not a short time.

Courtney Place, Wellington. An English guy John with his guitar, he would be here for another week for an interview, he needed to get the job for a permanent resident visa. “I can easily find a job in Auckland, but I prefer Wellington, it feels like a home city.” He played guitar for 15 years and it sounded great.

Starbucks, Queenstown. I asked the way to the supermarket, facing to an lady. She gave me a lift voluntarily, on the car she said her daughter came to Queenstown 10 years ago and met her future husband, she and her husband moved here 2 years later after their wedding. When I told her I booked a bungy jump, she excitingly told me she received a bungy gift from her son-in-law on a Mother’s Day, they did that together. She was in her 60s, but when smiling she looked like a girl.

Rucksacker, Christchurch. Jorge was in the same room with me, he was from Argentina. His English sounded very Spanish and he couldn’t understand my Chinese English either. He was here for a working holiday, and had to work from 3 pm to midnight everyday. He said he needed money and here he was better paid than his country. “Today I only slept for 4 hours.” Jeorge was very Latin and looked like some football star.

I was lucky to see so many people in this country, also the Korean boy in Auckland, the American guy in Wellington, the Guernsey girl in Queenstown, the Brazilian girl in Queenstown airport, and the Kiwi lady on the plane to Christchurch. It’s freezing outside now in the post-earthquake Christchurch, but when I’m typing, I feel so warm in heart, I guess it’s because of a country’s attraction?


What Podcast do I Listen to?


I like podcasts because I like radio, but podcast doesn’t only have radio programs. In my iphone, I have about 10 podcasts, here are they:

1, From Our Own Correspondent: My favourite news program, BBC’s correspondents have their time to talk their own stories far personal than the news.
2, Desert Island Discs: My favourite music show, due to the copyright, all the music only lasts 30 seconds, but well organised conversation is just a supplement. Christy Young sounds like an Irish, and many guests are American.
3, Naked Scientists: My only Science podcast, and it’s not boring at all.
4, The Archers: Soap opera, I subscribed the omnibus version.
5, Unreported World: Channel 4’s documentary program, there is an “Documentaries” from BBC, not bad either.
6, 10 O’clock Live: My only Comedy show, the debate after the news is always nice. American version from NPR is called Wait wait don’t tell me and BBC’s is Friday Comedy, but I think Channel 4’s is the best.
7, Peter Day’s World of Business: His voice is amazingly attractive, the business topics are also interesting.
8, This American Life: I should admit this is the best-made podcast forever, I can’t wait to hear the new stories every Monday.
9, Stuff You Should Know: Knowledge podcast with a many interesting topics.
10, ChristChurch London: My Spiritual fertiliser every week.
Definitely BBC Radio 4 is my favourite radio station, still I’m trying to choose from as many resources as possible. For the reason of above 10, partly because I am quite Pro-British, even though US has more choices, I just don’t like the accent. Besides, I only subscribe the weekly update podcast, more often or less regular is not acceptable.

Older and Wiser.


On one of my birthdays when I was young, I was very sick, probably because of flu. Mum took me to a hospital, on the way back home, she bought me a small watermelon, I guess it was imported from Southeast Asia, very expensive. She used the knife to have a o-shaped cut and passed me a spoon, “the watermelon is yours, for your birthday.” I remembered clearly I was very very happy on that day, so many years passed, it was like yesterday.

This must be the only thing I could recall for my birthday, as I am really not a birthday fan. As for the age, I used to like the age of 28, not too old, not too young. So when I just graduated, I liked to tell others I was 28. Gradually, I was closer and closer to this age, then it was my real age. Till today it’s finally gone away from me, like all the previous ages.

People say, kids like to be older, while adults like to be younger, it’s always the birthday wishes. I once do so, but not any more. There are so many things that can be done in any age, spend more time to what we can, no need to regret the past. Birthday, just like any other days, has nothing special.

I don’t know who was the first one to wish me wiser for birthday, I like this wish. In Chinese culture, happiness and longevity are more often mentioned on birthday, but I really prefer the wiser one. Isn’t it? Even if I were 80 years old, I still have something happy, even I am old, I am wiser too.

Happy birthday to myself.

Sports Fan.


Talking about Cricket, I know it’s boring. The match is normally long and sometime in ages, I have no interests to have even one eye on this. However this sport is extremely popular in British colonies. This TED talk was posted last year, the gentleman explained why Indians like cricket, ridiculous? Definitely not. But if anyone thinks cricket has nothing to do with colony, I would disagree. At least in Hong Kong, I saw people playing cricket, in the play field in Hong Kong Island, crazy Hong Konger.

Anyway, as part of the history, colony passed and sport became a culture thing. I don’t know how to define sports popularity in a country, certainly badminton and table tennis is popular in China for instance, because Chinese is good at them. Occasionally, this popularity will help the development of a certain sport and make it more popular, such as basketball, there is even Chinese basketball player in NBA now. But what about football? Chinese football team is like shit but still so many people like to watch, what’s the reason behind it? Someone needs to study it.

Since I moved to Melbourne, Australian football became the only sport in my life. Newspaper, internet, daily talk, there is no other sports but foot. I was quite against it in the first few months, as I really didn’t see any skill or aesthetic sense in this activity. But I agree people can change, and I am always a good example. For everybody is footy fan, in the common room I may sometimes watch footy game with them. Gradually I found watching people running around a oval ball for hours is kind of funny thing, maybe that’s the reason people like footy? Probably no, but I know care, at least I found the footy is interesting, maybe I need to find a team to support?

Wrong Way, Go Back.


Wrong Wang Go Back

Wrong Way, Go back is a signpost that always hides behind another one. I can see it anywhere in Melbourne, even on campus. Sometimes I think this warning is quite funny, if there are other signs to tell people what is the right way, how can people drive into the wrong way? But I saw a car, today, really came to the wrong way, then the driver saw the sign, stopped, and went back. Suddenly I kind of understood why this signpost should exist, even though it’s clear what is right, often people tend to go to the wrong way for any reasons. Till they are reminded again, they won’t be back to the right way.

What a simple theory, I never think about it before. However, people cannot always see this kind of reminding. In reality, facing different kinds of choices, it’s difficult to make any decisions. Then if the first step were wrong, sadly there would be no such kind of signposts to expect as on the road. Undoubtedly many people just keep going and never give up, and they never know they are wrong.

Long long time ago, I discussed this question with someone, which types of questions do you prefer in the exams, multi-choice or questions? The answer was unanimous: multi-choice is the nightmare in any exam, though it will never miss any exam.

Well, luckily we can correct, like we can correct the exam answers, like the two sons story in Bible, we can always review ourselves and make a wise progress. There is nothing wrong to persist, just sometimes we need change.