Still in Australia.


It’s the third week of this semester, nearly a quarter has passed, how time flies!

After the first week, my only hesitation was if I was still in Australia, as all my lectures were all non-Australians, let alone my American essay supervisor. This week, much better I feel, sort of enjoyed Indian, German and Chinese accents, at least it’s a multicultural country, even can be felt in the campus.

My car has been sent to the service centre last week, till the weekend, it’s still not fixed. I was told too many reasons could cause this “anti-pollution fault”, and I still need to wait for the final test. I just hope this could be done soon, as I really don’t want to take the shuttle bus again. The bus between Clayton and Caulfield is everyday so crowded, I’ve been late for twice because of limits. After the 1 dollar ticket was exempted, it seemed all the students came to take the bus, Jesus.

Last night when I heard the earthquake in Japan happened, I called mum and dad immediately, neither of them knew it, so I had to let them stay at home and watch TV. Back to the library, I tried to search some Chinese media’s report about the earthquake, so I opened Phoenix TV’s Unfortunately, the first news I saw was “Japan had earthquake, Japanese AV star twittered to say she’s safe.” I was so disappointed for the Chinese media’s news, without other options, I opened NHK’s site. I admitted it’s not a good idea to pick my Japanese for earthquake after so many years, but at least I could get some useful information, at least I knew there was no potential tsunami risk to my hometown.

Within one month, earthquake followed one by another, there is no safe place in the world, the only thing we can do is to take care ourselves and spend everyday happily. I will all my friends and myself peaceful.


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