No Worries.


It’s a long time since I went back to Oz, pretty busy everyday. I applied for one unit overload but it was refused by the administer, then I have to do that in the next semester. Good on your big hip, Miss.

Without overload, I have plenty of time in this semester for my LSAT preparation, can “impossible” change to “I’m possible”? I am waiting for the answer too.

The big news around the world recently was Mubarak’s resign, then Nobel Peace should be nominated to all Egyptians, as this is what the committee need all the time.

Well today is my first shopping day, I bought so many stuff from Coles. Thanks to the bookshop no one goes, there is an Asian grocery shop finally in Brandon Park recently opened, so no need to go to Clayton any more, yeah.

Today is also the date for the new residents moving in Roberts Hall, I had a very interesting story. In the Hall, two guys carried their fridge to the room, I gave them the day. When they passed by, I was expecting them to say thank you, but one of them said “no worries”. I was not sure if he was talking to me or his mate, but I replied no worries naturally. By the time I spoke out, all of us said No Worries, and I was like an idiot standing there without any words. Were they supposed to say thank you? If yes, what does No Worries mean then?

Hmmm, it is not the time to think too much here. Turn my fan on, and I need to prepare my dinner now.


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