Crazy or Challenge?


When the plane arrived at Xining, I didn’t like this city, its colour was grey, as fogy as Beijing, it’s not the place I expected and I wanted to escape, to the beautiful place.

The reason I went to Qinghai was for Qinghai Lake, it’s the most beautiful lake in China, though it’s not the best season to visit, I will not miss this chance. The hostel in Xining gave me the contact of a cycling club in Xihai, I took the bus there that afternoon.

The club head was Mr Yu, it’s a surprise for him to see me come in winter, it’s also a surprise to see me finish the tour in three days, he said you have already broken the record, I laughed, with full of memories.

Those three days were very long, I was the only cyclist for this 390km distance. It’s very windy in day time, very cold every night, and I couldn’t even take a shower. In the last day I need to cross the snow mountain, nearly -20 degree and I nearly gave up. Not only pains, I accommodated in a Tibetan home on the 2nd night and knew exactly how did the live. I told Mr Yu, if I drove a car around the circuit, I would only know I have been to this lake; As it was such a hard time, I will never forget these 3 days.

Beautiful Qinghai Lake, I left my footprints around you, will you remember me as well?