Cheap Airlines in Australia.


I am a loyal member of Air China, though I really really prefer Cathay, as Air China gave me a gold card, I always take Star Alliance flights. After Ansett went insolvent, there is no more Star Alliance partners in Australia, actually QANTAS is the only normal airline company, all the others are either cheap or subsidiary companies, very strange in such a big country.

As I am planning to go to have a short holiday after the exam, between QANTAS and cheap airlines, I choose the latter. Tiger and Jetstar are the two major cheap airlines in Australia, Tiger has its base in Melbourne, Jetstar has more routes in every city. My plan is MEL-SYD-OOL-MEL, I booked the tickets from both of these companies. It’s the first time I am trying these cheap airlines, and there are lots of surprises.

1, Cheap price? Maybe. The flight rate starts very cheap, MEL to SYD only 27 AUS including GST, however it’s not the end, I have to pay: seat choosing fee, insurance fee, and the last one is Master Convenience Fee, if it’s not paid by Master Debit card. Every step needs to be cautious, as default setting is paying even elective choices.

2, Luggage rule is very strict. For every bag over 10 kg needs to be checked in and certainly with extra money, if someone is not sure of the luggage and needs to check in at the airport, double the price.

3, Every change needs money. Change the time, change the seat, even call the operator. Anything is different from the first input, money is necessary.

4, Not cheap for small airports. Some routes like between Melbourne and Sydney are very cheap, but not in those small cities, some routes like from/to Darwin is nearly the same to QANTAS.

It’s an interesting booking experience, cheap price is what I got. And I also booked the shortest flight from Sydney to Gold Coast, only 20 minutes, which is even faster than I go to city. Well, I’d rather look forward to going there, but before that, it’s time to prepare my final exams, now.


Then, another year.


I didn’t enjoy Spring enough, here summer is coming. Last week, I remembered I rode a bike at night back home, dark and cold, now I have to wear shorts. After the daylight saving, I am suddenly into a new world.

Like the time change, my study is on going. That night, Chris finished his last lecture about lots of ratios in financial reports, with some interesting background sound, “the end” showed up. Twelve weeks ago when I firstly came to this accounting class, I don’t even know what accounting is, now I will going to take accounting exam with the debit and credit, what a 3 months. Not only the end of accounting, other classes like company law, economics and all over. Especially the Economics lecturer, from the beginning to the end I don’t like her at all, but in her last class when she said goodbye, I saw her nice smile, I was kind of sad. Lots of people, in the last 3 months or more days, we met and it’s time to say goodbye. I imagined if there is only one person in the class, I might not that sensational, but I know me, I know.

Till last night, I’ve decided all the 8 subjects that I will take next year. Next semester’s lectures are all on Wednesday and Thursday, so that I will be free for my BSF study in Mitcham, I missed it in these days, no better ways for me to study bible than BSF I believe. Here is my time table of 2011, if I can pass all these subjects, plus the final dissertation, my study will be finished in 2012 winter, I am look forward to that day, though maybe still early to think about it.

Semester 1 2011
AFX9530: Financial accounting
AFX9550: Management accounting
AFX9560: Advanced financial accounting
BTX5801: Final research project
Semester 2 2011
AFX9540: Business finance
AFX9570: Auditing and assurance
AFX9580: Accounting information and systems modelling
BTX5900: Major research project

Now it’s drizzling outside, I like listening to music on a raining day, all the time. Now I need to go to the library to revise company law, I nearly forgot everything. How can I like you more? My final exams?

How to be well-know as someone?


There are several ways for people to be well-known, internet is definitely a good way. In the last few days, if you are in China and don’t know Xiaoyueyue, you are out. No one will believe this, one writer just stays at home and makes up some whatever right or wrong stories, adds some attractive affairs, a pop star will suddenly come out, much easier than Furong JJ a few years ago, at least she spent a long time for the poses and uploading the pictures.

Housewife is not the only way to become well know, people can be against the government. The objection can not be just at home, the louder, the better. One time is not enough, the longer, the better. If someone has been agianst Chinese government from 1989 to 2010, and initialised a charter 08, this person can win the Nobel Prize (btw it’s peace, not the literature for the charter), is it well know enough? Today, Liu Xiaobo proves that not only American president can get this prize, a long-term government dissident can get it as well. However this can only happens in the big countries, if Norway sent this prize present to a prisoner in Australia, no one would know him, the nobel prize undoubtedly would lose its price. However Liu is in China, good chance to criticise Chinese government now. I can bravely predict the next Nobel price will not be from North Korea, communist topic is out. Don’t overlook Norway, it knows exactly when to be obsequious to the States, then the world.

If you are still struggling to be well know, from now on, learn from Liu.