Friday Library.


There are 2 types of people stay in library on Fridays, one is freak, the other is woman PHD, so I am in library today.

The result of accounting midterm exam was released this afternoon, I got a 25 out of 30, that is 12.5 for the total score, plus the assignment’s 10, I have 22.5 points now. I am not good at accounting, but good at counting my points, I just need another 27.5 in the final to pass this subject, no need for a HD, that is for women PHD, I just need a pass. God bless me, or the Pope in the UK bless me.

I had a nap in the library and remembered I got the timetable of the final exams yesterday, total 2 weeks, the easiest is in the beginning, sounds nice. It’s so quick, just one month left for this semester, and I only have 3 semesters, oh is it possible to slow down? slow down? slow down?

There were good news today as well, I sent mails to my bosses in ON Semiconductor and tesa tape to ask them if they could write a recommendation letter for me yesterday, they both replied with agreement, what a surprise. At least I know these two companies are not bad companies, otherwise they won’t stay there for such a long time. So currently my future preference is probably to apply for a MBA, hmmm, actually I prefer NBA. If so, my next challenge is GMAT, all through the years, I am living in exams, exams, exams, anything more interesting?

Certainly not, one of the reasons I live on campus is Monash Sport, it’s a hugh sports centre, I read from foursquare’s comment that there are lots of beauties in the gym every Friday, so I went there for a look this afternoon. Then I found a big problem of myself, I couldn’t judge a white person’s look. The only thing I can tell is tall or short, overweight or bony, that’s it, all the other persons look the same, I found the people in the gym all look like Jennifer Aniston, but suddenly they might change to Kate Winslet, what the hell for? Is there any books relating the appearance criteria something? Seems there is more than the language I need to learn here.


Self-inflicted Setbacks.


Zheteng is too Chinese, I don’t know how to say it in English, hope this make sense.

Work: The best choice for accounting students after graduation is to go to big four. I know one of my friends once worked for Deloitte Beijing, it was in Dong’an Market, I was heard it moved to Oriental Plaza later. I know Deloitte is one of the big fore, so I googled its website. After checking the international student requirement of internship, I found below item: you have achieved a minimum score on your General or Academic IELTS test in the following categories:- 7.5 writing – 7.5 reading – 8.0 speaking – 8.0 listening. I was wondering why not refusing international students directly, what is the meaning of that requirement? 8.0 speaking means a native speaker, who can get that score as a international student? I rang Deloitte my friend last night, he was just laughing and said: Why you are Chinese? Shit, what’s wrong with Chinese? At most I won’t work for Deloitte, and I am sure I can get speaking 8.0, shit, who believe me?

Assignment: I don’t like writing assignments, every time, I wrote something that even I don’t understand and had to started again. Last business law assignment took me nearly a week for just 3000 words, I was so crazy about assignments now. Last week I went to law library for a legal writing workshop, I knew my future law essay citation format called AGLC 3 (Oh, I love you Australia, you are always different from any other countries as always.), and I also learned some techniques of legal essay writing, it was not that difficult, just no one told me before. I was told that once the writing was with coherence and logic, it would get a good mark, is it? Anyway, I will try that in my next Economics assignment. Oh, that bitch lecturer, what a shame to see such Chinese lecturer in Monash, hope I can pass the final exam asap.

Choice: In exams, I am not good at multi-choice questions, in real life, I don’t like choices either. So after 2 years, MBA or PHD? MBA means a dog’s life in a company and PHD means a pig’s life in a university, what should I choose? One year before, I would never thought to go to US for study, now the only question for me is which country I should go, UK or US? Oh God, relieve me, just let me stay in the days as last weekend. For me, the heaven was last weekend, just enjoy the break after exams, wander in the city, that’s it. Low target, I should remember.