Why Coles Brand Stuff is Cheaper than the Others?


Coles is my must go supermarket, as I have a Fly Buy for collecting points, I go to Coles nearly twice a week, more often than before.

There are many Coles brand products sold in Coles, like the Carrefore stuff in Carrefore, they are usually cheaper then the other brands. Coles stuff includes sources, juice, Milk, egg, another brand called Coles smart buyer is even cheaper. For price reason, I usually buy those two brands for my daily necessities. For example, orange juice, the Coles brand is $3.25, Coles smart buy is $2.75, all the other brands are over $3.5. But there is always a question, why Coles stuff is so cheap?

Before I think it’s the marketing reason, cheap outsourcing manufacturing, no advertising cost, fixed customers, there are pretty simple reasons, but it is all?

Today as usual, I go to Coles again, and I only buy 2 bottles of orange juices and 2 bottles of milk. I won’t buy more as they are very heavy. When I got the receipt, surprisingly I found I didn’t pay the GST.

I thought maybe Coles accounting system is wrong, however when I found out my old receipts, I found that I never paid GST for all Coles band stuff, why? I googled it but didn’t find the answer, but I simply understand it like this:

GST only happens during resales, usually when Coles sells all the other brands. Once Coles sells Coles brand stuff, as the manufacture, it doesn’t need to pay tax so it won’t charge its customers.

It maybe right and maybe wrong, I need to ask my lecturer of Taxation Law next year, anyway, if so, without 10% GST, Coles stuff is actually not that cheap, though I have to buy them.


First Time to Make Yoghurt.


I took my yoghurt machine here last month, it’s the first time to try to make yoghurt in Melbourne. There is yoghurt machine to sell in Coles, with its own powder, and can’t make it via milk.

Findings: rom the yoghurt I made I can see lots of water floating above, light milk is actually milk + water, not skimmed. Next time I will buy the real skimmed milk.

Not very successful for the first time, and need to be improved.

In this semester, three of my courses are in the evening, most of the daytime I am free. This is controversial, I would like to have a daytime part-time job however the units are all difficult, and I really need a high GPA for my further study. It is not easy to find a job here, I stared at Gumtree for the whole week and sent out so many cv, the only response is a direct consuming company, which I refused. Nearly impossible to find some job related to my study. Work and Study, that’s life.

After a long time irregular life, I make a plan to myself, got to bed before 12:00, go to gym as more as I can, go to Bible study, play tennis, play guitar. Not so harsh, but I need to follow.

New semester, new classmates, new new new, am I going to be new?

iPhone IOS 4.0 enables Notes sync.


I have been using Yahoo account for a long time, along with Flickr. I don’t want to change my Yahoo mailbox to any others, though Gmail is much better in many ways but I just don’t want to change, in this way I am stubborn, I know. Recently Yahoo updates its mail service as well, though slowly and not regularly.

The New IOS 4.0 has many new functions, one exciting change for Yahoo is the notes sync. Before, Yahoo mail and Calendar can be synchronised separately from mail and CalDAV accounts in iPhone, the new platform enables Yahoo with the same sync option of Gmail, in which Mail, Calendar and Notes can be all synchronised. Simply add Yahoo account and turn on all the options. Once a new note is added, a new Folder in Yahoo mail called Notes will be set up, all the notes will be shown under this folder immediately. However from website the notes can not be edited, it’s an one way sync.

I am a little confused the notes sync is not under the Notes application in Yahoo mail but under a new mail folder, but it’s really good progress, there is no need to download any other notes apps as the notes can be backed up in Yahoo mail in the future. Additionally, Yahoo contacts can be always synchronised by turning on Address book sync in iPhone, then all services will be synchronised between Yahoo and iPhone, how convenient it is.

This update is only in IOS 4.0 of iPhone, iPad remains the same as iPhone 3GS and doesn’t support notes sync.