Next is to Eat.


Every time I drive my car, it’s an adventure. Starting in the slope, raining driving, and picking up my classmate, I am touching my C5 again and again, the car is touching me as well.

Last Friday, I went to Crown with my classmate. Nearly forgot when was the last time I was in the city, everything was so strange that I will never see in the outskirts. Lots of people, lots of night shops, I was too excited to go to anywhere like a country woman. City life was always charming, now it’s more precious.

Not everything like one person, so individuals don’t need to cater to every one, I should add one condition, no matter under any religion. Next monday will be my first time to be in BSF, what will happen? or am I so relied on Christian?

Most of the job applications had no reply, I doubt myself too. As a marketing guy, the essential is to talk to my customer fluently, so who would like to talk to someone with a Chinese accent and always ask sorry? If so, do I need to apply for a waiter job like a real student? Nothing is easy, I know and I must work it out.

These days I am occasionally dreaming my life in Beijing, in Dalian, with my friends. I will have one week to experience, after three weeks. The first thing to do is certainly to eat, I am planning to eat the breakfast pie, go to the Northeastern restaurant, dumplings restaurant, then the Ghost Street. Oh time, please hurry up.