No Europe, but Guitar.


Last Friday I went to STA shop for around the world ticket, the salesman told me the route I was interested in was only for Australian citizens, as they can only arrange tour visa to Russia to Australian passport holders, not Chinese passport holders. Human beings are not equal from the birth, what we are doing is just try to make it equal, this is the truth.

I was so frustrated by the ticket, the refusal meant I can’t travel around the world in this Christmas holidays, probably I will have to stay in Australia to take the mini semester to shorten the 2 years’ course. If so, I need to find a place from the end of Nov. Life is full of change till I am ready for every change.

It’s 2 weeks since I moved to Howitt Hall, everything is fine, just so noisy, every night. Australian students are so crazy, that’s the life I need to experience, maybe after one year, I will love this life.

Amanda just called to tell me Ken promised me to teach me guitar in the future, it’s really a surprise. Suddenly I found my life in Melbourne is so diversified, tennis, guitar, gym, church, all of them will keep me really busy in the next 2 years. Different place has its own interests, the feeling is up to people’s attitude. I am now much better compared to 3 months ago, the reason is simple, I am more optimistic now.

The ASSET has only 6 weeks left. One report, one presentation, and one listening test, that’s all. What is waiting for me in Caulfield? I don’t know, but I hope it’s good.


Travel Plan.


I am so lazy, or I am so busy, but rarely my blog have been updated these days, I can’t give me more excuses.

Another windy day, it’s May, the real autumn is coming, every night is so cold. I stayed in bed till noon, this arvo need to go to the market to buy my food for this week, and come back to finish my literature review, so tired.

Just found a very old and touching song from my disk, it’s not good to listen to that kind of songs today, I know, I played only 3 times.

Anita wrote to me for my birthday, I still remembered clearly last year’s birthday, in a restaurant near her flat, she bought me a small cake, and a birthday cap, we ate a lot and she took the left cake back home, so fast one year passed, perhaps the last time we met was on October. Actually, I know her for 10 years, yes, in 2000 from my first year in the uni, my Gosh, 10 years laster, I came to uni again and she got married. What did I change and what did I remain the same? I don’t know.

Arvid will come next week, it will keep me busy for a while, my little room will be noisy, though my test will be still annoying, I love to be with my friends.

Last week I got the flyers from STA, a very nice travel agent which provides the quotation for around the world trips, around $3000 each trip, not that bad price, I have an initial plan on mind now, starting from the end of this year for my first around the world trip, so exciting even now, wow, trip time.