Earthquake happend again in China, in this country no one talks about it, people discuss iPad, watch the beautiful vocalno ash of Iceland, the earthquake is like a small piece of cake in this world, very small and no one cares.

It’s the weekend again, my classmates are discussing the requirements change of PR in Auatralia, and yesterday’s listening test, maybe 2 of us failed, the earthquake seems happening on the moon, not realted to anyone.

The bight sunshine reminds me I am in Melbourne, the best city in this country, maybe in the world, maybe I should not care about my country any more, should I?

There will be some changes from this weekend on, I decide to cook myself Chinese food and I will go to an Anglican church on Sunday, the more into this country, the more I am Chinese.

More and more assignments take most of my time, I need more for my law study and my tennis course.


Another Autumn.


I took my thick quilt out, nothing is heavier than that from my cabinet but I still feel cold, what a disaster, how cold the winter here will be, I don’t know. When my friend told me Beijing is turning warmer and warmer, I feel a little sad to put on more clothes these days, here the autumn is coming.

Last night I took a late train home from Clayton, from my classmate’s party, very Chinese style, with a boring Korean game, but the food was so delicious, I never tasted those kinds of food for a long time. This gave me a good lesson of the Chinese food, after a long time eating out, Iwill never deny that Chinese food is the best and I should have to learn that soon, from next week on, okay.

Nearly forgot I need to buy me a birthday cake tomorrow, my birthday was usually in Spring, a season with hope, now it changed to Autumn, I need to get used to that in the next few years. The Autumn here is not like Beijing, where Autumn is the only time to see the blue sky, in Melbourne I can see the blue sky everyday, so Autumn is not that promising, but a sign of getting cold.

There are 10 weeks left of my language lessens, time to count down.