I am Sick.


I got a cold again, so sick and homesick. It’s not raining any more today, the sky is extremely blue, nothing is better in China, but I still miss it.

Good Friday is coming soon, am I going camping? I doubt it. Or going home? just 5 days.

This feeling reminds the time when I was travelling, at the beginning, the only thing I consider is going home, then I fell love into travelling, till the end, I didn’t want to finish the travelling time. Is it the same? Even so, this travelling in Australia is quite a long journey, how can I spend this period and who can be with you?

Arvid will come to see me in May Holiday, just one month later, it’s my first visiting friend, not many friends can do this. Though I am not his only purpose, I am happy and look forward to seeing him.

Studying, studying law in the whole afternoon, I don’t feel tired, library is really a good place, facing different students from different countries are studying, I have to study as well. Law is really a good subject, though many new vocablularies, it’s so interesting to make sure the meanings from the dictionaries. If no other plan in the Easter Days, I will study law in stead, okay, come on.


I don’t like to be a consumer.


There is a big piece of grass in front of the service centre, unlike “looking only” green in China, anyone can go into the grass, sit or stand, up to you. I go by it everyday in the afternoon to the sports, sometimes can see a couple or just one lying on it, with eye closed, whispering or reading books, which is so romantic.

What a nice picture, this is Monash Clayton, I have only 15 weeks study left here, then I will stay in Caulfield for the next 2 years, I know it’s not good to count down the days though I am sure I will miss this place in the future, like how I miss China now.

Yesterday afternoon to the church, a Taiwanese talked Chinese food to me the whole way, I found myself so Chinese suddenly, just 1 month, I missed all kinds of food, Suancai, Dumpling and even Hotpot. I must learn to cook Chinese food now, or next time to China, well maybe next year, otherwise maybe I can live with a Chinese cook, this sounds a easy way, hmmm…

I booked the ticket back to Beijing at the end of June, Dragonair didn’t give me the extra student luggage, which means I can only carry 20kg luggage, I am arguing with it the whole day, and compained it to the consumer organisation of Hong Kong, in Chinese. Plus 3 about the reception at home, I am looking for my proof now for the damaged base station and need to fight with the Indian CSR soon, in English. I am such a bad consumer, Perhaps I need to learn how to earn some money before spending, seriously, but how?