Mandarin Duck or Fairy Lady?


I talked about another classmate yesterday with WW, WW told me she finally got married and now they envied the mandarin duck rather than the fairy lady 只羨鴛鴦不羨仙. This reminded me the poem in A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂.

Mandarin duck, in the last thousands of years in Chinese myths and history, was given to a representative of the long lasting love and a good reputation and played an important role in gifts to the bride and groom. People love to have Mandarin duck bath, believe that once mandarin ducks are get married, they will be together in their whole life, even either is died, the left would keep lonely in the spare life. In such a instant and practical world, this spirit is so precious that every one desires this life.

However, this imagination is not true, some scientific magazines regard them as the love liars.

Even though, people praise mandarin ducks constantly, maybe, knowing the instability of love is so clear, they put some lovely definition to the mandarin ducks and look forward to seeing it. Old saying goes like, whatever people did, a good excuse would be found. So the ancient were not stupid, their offspring are willing to accept this definition as well.

For me, I envy the fairy lady, not the mandarin duck, and try to be practical.


Silent Wisdom


Another sunny day, a few clouds, I sit on the bench in the park, it can be called “Warm Springtime and bright sunshine” 春和景明 as in Yueyang Pagoda 岳陽樓記, such a good place to enjoy myself…

This city is too commercialised, the defense among people had lost us, it’s hard to believe anyone, any news, any affection, any authority, any express…

A week ago, when I rested in the fourth floor of the library, a young man came to accost, we said our studies, our family and even the goals. When I thought it pleasant to make a new friend, he told me his job was to sell Amway, showed me his handout and asked me to join his pyramid selling, suddenly I noticed I was trapped and schemed, though I was polite to listen to his speech following and left my telephone number.

Usually what you are facing is just lies.

The plants are silent, according to the season, to have buds, flowers and leaf, every year, under time changing. They truly express themselves, without cheating others, should be the real elements in this city.

Here, I can see more than one kind of birds, those sparrows like to twittering with people’s notice, do they know what I am thinking?

They don’t need to.

Sometimes, not knowing is a wisdom.

In the whole life, the more things we know, the more pains we get, which resembles the co-ordinate in maths, the origin is in the centre, the best position, not positive, not negative. As mentioned in Prajnaparamita Sutra, “All Dharmas are empty of characteristics, they are not produced, not destroyed, not defiled, not pure, and they neither increase nor diminish.”

This origin is the heart.

This heart doesn’t need to be known.

What Car Did You Buy?


When I gather with my friends to chat, sometimes will be asked: what car did you buy? It is so obvious that I have never heard the question like “have you bought your car?” In their minds, I should have my own car; the only curiosity is what car.

I need to be cautious to answer it. If I say Corona, they will laugh and respond: mine is the same, but it is too small, I have plan to change to a Tenna, in this year; If my answer is BMW 3 series, they become hesitate: I have tried my friend’s Benz,,, or my boss just bought a new Audi,,,; If, by teeny, tiny, mini, weeny chance, my answer is Land Rover, they should stand up and disappear forever.

No one doubt that Chinese brands cars is absolute rubbish compared to German, American, Japanese or even Indian cars, still we will see those kinds of cars as silly Pekinese running in the streets, everywhere. Sometimes, I hate Li Shufu 李書福, who swore to make the cheapest car in China, consequently, QQ is extremely popular and booming.

Every morning I stare at thousands of cars downstairs in this rented flat building and wonders if people buy cars first, finally, I know the reason is simply, vanity.

I know one saying that five ZIs 五子, including House 房子, Car 車子, Wife 妻子, Kid 孩子 and Money 票子, are necessary to be a real success nowadays, Among them only car can be gained in short time, those QQ just meet the needs to satisfy people’s vanity. Oh thanks to it, China’s economy is growing so fast.

Normally to have a car is just for convenience, but I don’t know what in terms of, no mentioning the traffic congestion, even finding a parking spot is not as easy as to give birth to a child.

So I always tell my friends, I can’t afford a car. Plus, if they are teasing, pretending to be a investor, I would say, whatever you buy such as stock or house, the value will keep stable or increase except for the car, so I won’t buy it.

In most circumstances, the conversation is over, they will turn to others: what car did you buy?